Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas

Seriously this year has flown by! I did not get cards out... I swear when will I learn. But instead of Christmas Cards... i think I will just make a new tradition since I always get around to doing something towards the week of Christmas...I'm gonna start sending out Happy New Year Cards!
So to those of you that I got a christmas card... I'll be sending one to you and if you would like one send me an address.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Snapshot Sunday

Yes this is my kitchen table - got all the fall stuff gathered up and ready to be packed up.
Outside Decoration

Here is the new color of the entry way. My parents came and painted last weekend while we were out of town. Aren't they nice. We still have to paint the trim.. strip the wood on the banister and paint the stairs! oh and the ceiling (we not that's kinda backwards)

Yes Yes Yes I know 7 days late.. but oh well... at least we got alot of practice of how to put the countdown pieces on the tree. I can already tell this is going to be a pain in my rear. I still need to go to walmart and get one of those 3 M sticker hooks ... It wont be in that exact location.

The tree in all its pre-decoration glory. Thats right... It has lights and the star lol other than that...... the boxes are ready to go through tomorrow night - Prefect family night activity!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Snapshot Sunday

So I wanted to participate in Snapshot Sunday, an idea my friend Sarah had. Yes I know it is Tuesday. But these were all taken Sunday. When we got home from Brants Parents Lake house.
These two are our first born - Tucker Jax (on top of the couch) and Peyton Taylor - both feeling royally neglected and left out!
So Brant has had this shirt for a long time it had become unstitched in the back. So he has been asking and asking for me to fix it. He asked again Sunday evening as he was getting his clothes ready for the work week. So here is me and my first hand sewing fix (other than buttons) to his work clothes lol.

So there are two photos on here of my Fall decoration. Mom was kind enough to let me go through some of her stuff she wasn't using anymore! This is in the kitchen - mom put them there during Braden's party and I thought they looked cute so that is where they got to stay all week.

Bradens birthday was a big hit. He loved this string of fun things we had put up and yes we haven't taken it down cause he wants to talk about each day. I'm trying to figure out how to put it up in his room without him being able to get to it and ruin it.

Alittle corner in my living room. I usually have Americana stuff on it... but another one of my moms old Fall decorations. Im gonna miss fall but am looking forward to decorating for Christmas this Friday!!!
I'll do better sarah i promise =-)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thank Heaven for Brants little Quirks

Okay so about a month ago we had taken Parker into the doctors to check on his circumcision at the end of the day I looked in the mirror and only had one of my diamond studs in my ears. I was heart broken. I felt like crying for a week straight. Brant had gotten them for me on Bradens first Christmas. I felt so special. He told me that over the years he can brings these back to the jeweler and upgrade them. So to my horror I had lost one. I figured it happened at the doctors office, parking lot, parents yard.... so many places. It wasnt in the bed, wasnt really visible anywhere. I was heartbroken.
My husband has an annoying habit. Those that know us, hear me gripe about it often. My husband LOVES the hair dryer. By this I mean, he is like a snake in the morning, so cold blooded. EVERY morning he crawls out of bed makes it somehow lol to the bathroom a few steps away, lays on the floor, props a hair dryer up and turns it on. And passes out for his "snooze" sleep.... or HOURS of sleep. He says he loves the hum of the hair dryer and it makes him warm. ANNOYS me beyond all end. If we were ever on the Newlywed Game and was asked what annoys you the most about your husband.... BINGO --- strange odd habit.
SO today while he was trying to sleep in the bathroom he eyed my ear ring!!!!!!!!!!
He came downstairs not sure if he had found the one that i was supposed to be keeping.. or if he had stumbled upon the other one.
IT WAS MY MATCH!!!!!!! I m so lucky!!! I felt like a new woman lol... it was a great pick me up for the day.
Monday the house will get touched up with paint and new wood around windows and the soffits!!!! This has been 7 years in the making. While the outside is being completed we will be deciding on one more color for this house lol... the entry way. Trying to find the perfect brown.
A family in our ward came by today, she asked what all we were going to do to finish up before we have to move. I started the list lol.... oh my we have alot but I know we will get it done and we will love this house lol....

I'll be sure and get some before and after photos! I need to share with you all the extreme makeover on a little budget this house has went through!

My family is so blessed! Tomorrow we will be sitting down at the table before we join family in Kansas and list those things that we are thankful for. I am going to start a thankful box. At the end of thanksgiving I am going to bind those things together or do a page, so we can keep them and reflect on those things next year. I hope everyone has a WONDERFUL thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Buzz Cut

So Friday I was frustrated with Parker's hair. So I got the clippers out! BUZZ cut! He's such a good boy when it comes to letting me mess around with the clippers... cause I have no clue what I am doing! I still need to get my husbands shaver out and finish stuff up. Probably should do that before bedtime since we get to go to church tomorrow. I've found a few stray hairs today while I've been looking at him.
We've had a lazy day. We've not accomplished anything! WHAT a day! Sunday it supposed to be nice, so I think we will be doing a few things outside.
Last night I went to see Twilight with just about every 12-18 year old girl in Ponca (And a few adults lol). I have to say I was pleasantly surprised that it was as good as it was. It is soooo very different from the book, a different feel, definitely not anything like the book in the way it would draw you in. Not on the same level. But it was a pleasant movie. My husband will now be reading the book and commented during the movie that he can see why we love Edward and why we loved the book. The movie is about 25% as good as the book. I will be rereading the second book this week. My Bella Edward addiction was sparked again last night. I think I might even want to go view the movie again this week.
Shortly will be the OU vs Texas Tech game. BIG GAME for the Sooners! So here's to a lazy day of just relaxing and decompressing from our week, our month, our year - we dont do it enough I think, of course we are feeling guilty for wasting a full day. Oh well I think we are entitled to it every once in a while.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Cowboy

My Baby is THREE!
I can not believe that three years ago he was placed in my arms, tiny, sweet, so precious. Today a vibrant rootin' tootin' cowboy/doctor who loves to play with trucks, cars, and watch fun movies.
Braden is a pretty special little boy. He has a smile that literally makes you melt. He is so friendly and includes everyone. Okay sometimes he doesn't include his brother but he will include any stranger or new kid. He usually has a very sweet nature. He is doing better with sharing his toys. Is quickly learning to offer other toys to his brother so he can keep the one he wants. He loves his family. Braden loves his father, he talks about him all day. Wants to call and talk to him often. Loves to rough house and play trucks with dad. He adores his brother. This year I think is going to be so awesome. Parker is too the age that he is enjoying interacting with Braden. Granted most times it is him playing along side of Braden and not with him but I think that is going to change and I really cant imagine what great little friends they will be. His grandparents on both side are pretty darn special to him. Currently he is staying with his Papa G and Nana G with Great Grandma Garrison; for the whole night. He gets to spend alot of time with Papa B and Grandma B, he knows when to "turn" when we are driving towards their house. He probably has it down so well he could walk it if he got the nerve. He really is a loving kid. There isnt alot in this world that he dislikes! Sitting here I am not sure if there is something that he is totally against (other than the naughty chair and the vacuum). Everything in life seems to be so awesome through his eyes. I am pretty lucky!

So here is his cake. After I took the candles off... My first attempt at a "themed" cake. I think it is pretty scary looking but I learned alot and if I have the nerve next time I'll try again. Actually I think I need a cake making kit thingy - I was not prepared...

Thank you to all that came and shared this special day with Braden. I know he will remember it. He had alot of fun today. Hope to see all that were unable to attend soon over the holidays!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Cool Dude

Parker Loves his brothers sun glasses - I repeat L-O-V-E-S them. There are moments in the day that it becomes a very annoying compulsive behavior. He will bring them to you and request help to get them on his face. Then will take a few steps they will fall down cause they are HUGE on his face. The the whole things starts again. We will do this for an hour some days. This is a photo from a few weeks ago - we were playing as a family in the living room and out of like 25 photos this is the best one and this one has been doctored. Yes I photoshop his face.... a motherly task of cleaning his face.
Saturday is Bradens 3rd birthday, we are so excited around here. We are doing a small family gathering. My parents, Brants parents, Brock (Brants brother) and his girlfriend Stefani and possibly my brother. I will be attempting to make a "boot" cake. We are doing a cowboy theme since he is all about cowboys right now. It will be nice to see family again, we havent seen my in-laws in ...... a month? or more. Crud I cant remember. With the whole "move" weighing on my mind sure makes these moments more special. Who knows what next November will hold for us.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A moment to remember

Okay I'm going to start a new label - moments to remember - there are many times the kids do something cute, loving, funny, or even ornery . Seems like most of the ornery or destructive things get put on this blog. So here is remembering the little moments of adorableness.

The other night Brant and I were watching our shows we DVR . We were waiting to start another show and it was quiet throughout the house. We heard Braden let out the LOUDEST - ROOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRR.
All was peaceful - no more noise -
Brant looked at me and said did he just Roar? I said - Yeah we've been talking about monsters ALOT lately. Guess he showed them who's boss.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Bartlesville or Houston

Family's in Ponca City were put on notice that their jobs will be moved to Bartlesville or Houston. We hope to find out in January. Here is to a ton of prayer that it is Bartlesville. Our family really has no desire to be in Houston (No offense). I know that my husband will go and try it out at least for 6 months, but I just dont know how to process this. I was born in Ponca City, never have left, my family is here. Both of our families are in Oklahoma and lets face it Houston is a long drive. Long with two little ones. I dont know. I know the Lord will provide for us. He will make things possible. Everything will be fine. I'm just having problems with the whole not knowing thing. I'm up for change. I'm not against moving an hour away. Or moving out towards Bartlesville.
Its really surreal right now. When my husband was hired on they said they wouldn't move them. They had put in all this money and moved everyone over to Ponca and they wouldn't be moving. At that point even though we had talked about moving a few different places because of insurance jobs, I kinda thought Conoco wont leave Ponca. We will probably be here forever. Which I was okay with. Guess the powers that be have/had other plans.
Okay it is almost 1 am - I'm headed to bed. Friday is looking to be hopefully a productive day. I would like to paint either the entry way or my dinning room. Depends on how long the grandparents can watch the kids!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Get out the Vote

So I arrived at our polling place at 9 30 - took about 15 minutes including travel time. (Two blocks away). No line but one had formed as I was leaving. But all in all things were moving smoothly. Lot of "first" time voters - I could hear questions that I didn't expect. Several of them were older people. Some had to redo their votes. I am so proud that people are voting today. No matter their vote. It is such a blessing to be able to have this voice. To show what is popular today. To point the direction of the country with our obligation to vote. So many people have in the past not cared enough or didn't value this enough. I am so glad that things have changed. I totally feel that this election alone will help the tone of the country. History will be made today. Either an African American will win the Presidency or a Woman will hold the Vice Presidents' Office. I am so tickled to be apart of history - I've got to get my box ready to put all the memento's up and be able to document this special moment.
Tonight the husband and I will be ordering pizza and staying up till who knows when to see this historical moment happen. I was one of those that stayed up all night in 2000. Politics, before my children was a pretty consuming thing. I have to say that it has become less consuming but still as important as ever.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Quick Photos and Philosphy

Friday night was Halloween. This is the first Halloween we did more than two houses. It was a long night. I do think the boys had a decent time. Braden got many compliments on his "cowboy" costume and again the "skunk" costume was gushed over.
Today (Sunday) I had to teach Young Womens at our ward. A lesson that I didn't feel I should give, smile, but we don't get to pick the lessons we want to teach. I'm sure this was to help me as much as the girls.
I've decided that I need to become more Black and White in my life. I've always accepted alot of grey. But I'm learning that grey area's don't work. Things I've found out the past month. Time is important. It is all about time. Making time for the things that are important. Important to the progression of my family and those goals that we have. Character, it is so important. Just like we discussed today, surrounding ourselves with things and people that bring light into our life, that sustain us in our lives. I've figured out that when there are things that bring darkness it can consume you.
So it might be too early for a yearly resolution but I have had a personal revelation that started three Sundays ago. A lesson that at the time didn't seem to apply but within two days everything that was discussed started happening in my life and I was confronted on how to handle it. I now know what problems I have to work on. It is hard teaching the youth in our church. They look to you to be an example. How poor of an example I can be with some things I allow or accept in my life. Time for an adjustment. I'm ready for this adjustment.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween. November is here and with it a time for reflection on the things that we are thankful for. Its also the month that Braden will turn 3. How exciting. The next two months go by fast and I'm tightening my seat belt.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

What a Week!

Okay so what a week! It has been one accident after another lately. Monday I fell down the stairs. I was holding Parker. Since I was holding him and trying to break his fall I did not do a very good job at saving myself. I think Parker walked away with a small bruise on his cheek ... tears quickly stopped. Mine on the other hand. Lingered... Still Lingers! So when this happened my husband was upstairs asleep since he had gotten off a night rotation. I screamed for help cause first I needed to make sure Parker was okay and I was unable to move much. I'm a wuss I think. I've never broke a bone. Only had one sprain that I knew of and that was over within a day. So I couldn't tell if I had broke my ankle, toe, foot, but it was in pain. Husband immediately put ice on it. Everything calmed down and he went upstairs to go back to sleep. Still unable to move I didn't see my little Parker crawl under a table, he messed with a ladder that has sat there forever and never gets touched. On top of the ladder was a speaker. At least a 5 pound speaker. It came hurling down and punctured Parker in the head... so here I am gimping under the table... blood gushing from a head wound... Brant awoke to the screams of the baby and me saying Brant there is Blood I need you. Brant decided maybe sleep wasn't in his cards. So he stayed awake. I waited for a doctor to call me back on what I should do about this ankle. Finally around 5 30 we dropped the boys off at my parents and went to an urgent care clinic. Nothing was broke. Just sprained. I've heard it might have felt better if it had just broke.
So Tuesday night I went to the church to set up for the Halloween party. Brant had bowling league. He opted to take Braden with him. Braden was fascinated with the arcade. He wasn't well supervised but Brant did manage to catch a glimpse of him bending over looking at his toes as he jumped from one of the "car" arcade games. He went face first into the box where the seat is. First real nice shiner!
Same night I had mom watch Parker as I was decorating. Parker managed to go face first into the bricks around mom's flower beds. Tooth almost through the lip. Seriously can anything more happen this week? I'm not sure I can handle anything more "injury wise".
So Wednesday we had part 1 of our Halloween adventure. Ward Halloween Party. Braden was a cowboy. Parker a skunk.
A deadly skunk.
That loves BALLS.
Braden loves his 8 or older cap guns his father picked up for him. I have a feeling he will have them taken away alot. He shoots everyone and then tells them to Die. I told him that we only shoot bad guys. So He proclaimed that Papa B was a bad guy and shot him.
Today as I'm getting onto him I told him he was being a bad boy. He laughed and told me to shoot him.

Stink eye from the skunk. This costume was Braden's first one. I had picked it cause that child had some stinky diapers. Parker fits this costume cause he has the attitude and looks of a skunk most days.
As some might now tomorrow is my mothers Birthday! So we are going over there. We will be trick and treating and then handing out candy. And celebrating moms birthday! I'm looking forward to it. My mom is my best friend. She is there for me whenever I need her. She listens and doesn't judge me. She understands my trials. She knows my heartaches. And hey she loves my kids... okay she might have too but .... she's pretty darn awesome. I'm very lucky to have her so close and so available. I count that blessing every night.
So I'll have more photos tomorrow (or tonight for those that check the time stamp). I'm hoping Braden has fun getting candy from people. He enjoyed it the other night at the trunk or treat. I think he will enjoy giving the candy most of all. And that might be the best thing since Mommas toes still can not handle alot of pressure.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

An October Day...

Saturday a friend reminded me that Lowe's was having their bi-monthly lil builder day. I didn't know how Braden would be able to handle this, let alone how I would handle him doing a "project" of sorts. But all in all it was a tremendous day! I was so impressed with Braden's "hand, eye" coordination. He didn't hit his or my finger the whole time... I on the other hand hit my own finger several times.
For those of you that have little ones and want a fun "FREE" project to do with your kids. Boy or Girl. Check out your local Lowes (not sure if Home Depot does it - we don't have one of those). On November 9th they are doing a Semi-Truck. Parker was signed up for that one. That will be a mommy project for P Wayne so that we don't have fights over the truck!

Saturday we had some fun. Brant took me to the Affair of the Heart in OKC. It is a craft fair, we are talking HUGE craft fair. I love attending. Last time I went Braden was lil. He was so manageable then. Myself and I think our Friends the Smiths are quickly finding we might need to invest in a good babysitter. I know of one that I'm sure could handle the chaos. Actually I can think of a couple. Next time I want to attend something they are so going to a baby sitter or the "Men Folk" can stay home and tend to the youngin's .
When we got home as a bribe to be good boys I told them they could play outside. It was a lovely fall day. Probably high 70's, with a crisp fall Oklahoma breeze. The boys played on the swing set and fort. Swung in the "Airplane" and the "Teddy Bear" both loved swinging.

This is one of Parkers faces he makes. He might grow up to be an entertainer. He seems to be preforming for his own make believe audience often. He seems to be a hit with them.

Braden is learning that the Big Boy swing is just as fun as the baby's airplane.
Here is Braden just about to head down the Slide. He Loves his fort. I cant wait to put the "tent" shade up. I know he will adore the feeling of his own place to be.
Okay this smile should be illegal! Finally got the Action Shot mode to work on the camera and oh my he was having a blast swinging back and forth.
Braden in the "infant" airplane swing. He loves this thing. It had been at grandma and papa B's house and not really getting much use out of it. It has a new FUN home now.
Can you believe this kid wrestles his brother, throws fits during the Primary Sacrament program, Say's no more than any human should be able to, can throw a toy down in disgust. Yes this sweet face. This lil angle does all of that... but most important he can be a sweet, hug and kiss giving, loving kid. What a doll!

We got the sidewalk chalk out and I helped draw their names and whatever else they wanted to see. Parker chewed on the chalk. Yellow and Blue do make green. Runny Green drool.

One of the places Braden loves to play is on his Papa G's trailer. We have it often at our house cause we are OFTEN doing home projects where we either need to go to the dump or buy way too much stuff at Lowe's. I think Braden also uses it as a stage. He is very animated when he plays on the trailer. Everything is always more fun on Papa's trailer.

Here the boys are celebrating that mommy is not begging them to get down off the trailer before they hurt themselves. Get a load out of Pwayne. This face is what you see when he is giggling in delight. ( that didn't sound very manly huh)

The boys played with the coupe alot. They shared the front seat which is SO very rare. They filled up their car with gas. Parker played "i want the door shut" game with Braden. Both thought it was HILARIOUS.
You know sometimes you see celebrities give the paparazzi looks when they are fed up with the intrusion? Yeah this is Parker's... "haven't you seen enough yet?" look.
Parker in mid laugh over the "Shut/Open" door game!
We had a decent Saturday. Loved going to the City. Didn't love my children's behavior. Got a few cute things to hang up on the walls and I will take photos asap. We have a list of renovations I need to accomplish before the holidays! Which are rapidly approaching.
Okay I have had around 15 hours of sleep total since Friday night. I must say goodnight/farewell/ ;)
This week is going to be filled with lots of candy, chaos and hopefully some fun. Hope the weather is nice. We have a church Halloween Party Wednesday, Downtown Ponca is having a Halloween carnival Thursday and then Friday is of course trick or treat night. I don't think Braden will make it to many doors but I know that as we Celebrate G'ma's birthday Halloween that he will enjoy handing out candy to all the cool costumes and such.
We hope everyone has a safe fun Halloween.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

So behind...

Okay so I need to confess something, I totally space out when it comes to blogging. There are some months that I probably post too much and others that I struggle to even think past checking my email and keeping up on other peoples blogs, cause lets face it most people have such interesting lives. Actually we get so busy that certain things fall through the cracks.
This is one of those that fell through the cracks. I have been organizing our computer files and came across this set of photos. Brant, Nick and Shawn are into RC trucks. One good thing about being big ol' kids is that when they go to play they can take the kids with them. Oh my does this work for me - NAP TIME in quiet!!!!

Braden and Kasha.
This is Brant ramping his truck. Our town has put in a DMX course near Conoco. The owner of the track allows the guys to run their toys on it. The guys are quickly figuring out that they need their own course with not so big of jumps !

Our Diesel Weekend...

My husband and I run a diesel truck group for the "heartland" area. We've tried to make the group family friendly and have events, meets that express that. One member through a party this past weekend. He did a great job. Booked a rock-a-billy band cooked out! Sold T-shirts. Had a small "vote" on trucks, gave out plaques. He did as well as you could expect.
Anywho, usually dont post about this stuff, but it is something that takes up alot of our spare time.

Parker Wayne trying to drive.
Here are some of the trucks that showed up to the Diesels in the Heartland event.
Diesels are all about how much smoke they can make. Here is one of the trucks during the burn out competition (spur of the moment competition)
I think around 5-6 tucks did burn outs and this was the aftermath of smoke... it smelt like burnt rubber and/or clutch for the rest of the night.
Entertaining yes, stinky yes, great for the nerves... no.