Friday, November 14, 2008

Cool Dude

Parker Loves his brothers sun glasses - I repeat L-O-V-E-S them. There are moments in the day that it becomes a very annoying compulsive behavior. He will bring them to you and request help to get them on his face. Then will take a few steps they will fall down cause they are HUGE on his face. The the whole things starts again. We will do this for an hour some days. This is a photo from a few weeks ago - we were playing as a family in the living room and out of like 25 photos this is the best one and this one has been doctored. Yes I photoshop his face.... a motherly task of cleaning his face.
Saturday is Bradens 3rd birthday, we are so excited around here. We are doing a small family gathering. My parents, Brants parents, Brock (Brants brother) and his girlfriend Stefani and possibly my brother. I will be attempting to make a "boot" cake. We are doing a cowboy theme since he is all about cowboys right now. It will be nice to see family again, we havent seen my in-laws in ...... a month? or more. Crud I cant remember. With the whole "move" weighing on my mind sure makes these moments more special. Who knows what next November will hold for us.

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Andrea said...

Cute picture! How in the world are you going to make a boot cake? I want to see pictures of that, Jill.