Monday, April 5, 2010


Easter was soooo nice!
Parker in Blue, Braden in Brown. This was about as nice as it got for both of them looking at me without some horrible cheese, funny face look.
Parker was a great egg finder.
Braden was a total spaz while trying to find eggs.

Okay I'm a horrible blogger. Horrible. SLACKER. LAZY BUM. But I think there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Tomorrow will mark the start of my 12th week of pregnancy, and I'm finally starting to feel human, still spontaneously taking naps, fall asleep after dinner, and have moody episodes of tears. My appetite is still odd. Feel hungry, eat two bites get real full and cant eat anymore.
Brants job with conoco will be moved to Bartlesville on July 15th. May 15th we can start the process of getting the house on the market and all that fun mumbo jumbo. So as you can see we have alot of changes coming our way. New town, New baby, new new new challenges. Braden will be in Pre-K this coming year. I'll be in a town other than Ponca City for the first time in 32 (almost 33) years.
We dont know if we will be in Bartlesville, myself personally would rather be in Bartlesville. Husband is wanting to live closer to Tulsa, in Collinsville or Skyatook or some town inbetween. While I think it wouldnt be that bad, I still really like the idea of the boys getting to be in a large ward family like they have in Bartlesville. So I'm hoping we find a property that we all love and is affordable inside Bartlesville. We have our eye on a house that meets almost all of our wants. But with the price the way it is I doubt we will get the chance cause it is priced to sell.

Anyways. So, this is baby number three and final baby for Jill. Im closing the baby factory after delivery. Which is another thing. Love my new OB in Ponca, he is a DO which, for some reason I adore their bed side manner and laid back caring approach, I dont know if i wanna change, but I dont know if I wanna drive back and forth all the time for the end of my pregnancy which will be full of stress tests and all that crapola. SOOOO I have some decisions to make asap.