Friday, February 29, 2008

We're crawling

(Brant took this photo of parkers feet and tush)

Wednesday parker started crawling! WOW has it been different around the house the past couple of days. I dont Remember Braden being so curious about things and exploring .... Parker just goes where he wants... when he wants...
He is pulling up on things to his knees and can get his foot under him and kinda almost stand but he isnt there yet. Parker is playing in the play pen right now since he is mister adventure.
I'll have some video later today - the battery on the camera was dead last night when I was going to take photos and video.

The boys also got their hair cut yesterday - we didnt do the spikey thing with Braden this time cause his hair is almost laying down now.

(Parker thought she was pretty funny)

(ha ha count dracula)

(What is going on?)

I originally posted this earlier in the day, but mister Parker Wayne decided to wow me some more - he pulled right up to his feet .... he stood up holding onto Bradens tractor and just stood there... legs trembling but stood there for a while... then plopped back down.

(wow they almost look like well behaved, sweet angels)

I wanted to get a video of him crawling - but the boys were both cranky this evening - and after the photos were taken we were done with the camera - I'll get one tomorrow. Morning the boys are so much more happy! They didnt get that from their momma.

(the true Braden - gosh he is becoming a poster child for a two year old)

(I thought he looked so pretty in this one - of course he was looking at MAMA - which he can babble so well now)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What Parker Can Do....

So my sweet little boy has learned a new skill -

(in this video he gets stuck with his legs straight and his tush in the air)

(in this video - seconds after the other video he completes his sitting up - and proceeds to lung and carry on like he does all day)

Saturday morning as we were waiting to leave to visit family - I saw mister parker wayne, who can not crawl yet, sit up on his own. Yes he has mastered the whole get to my knees but added instead of going forward.... a push and viola on my tush!

I was so proud of him.... kinda scared him with my WAY TO GO PARKER!

Now he gets just about anywhere he wants to go - with his backwards glide and now with the sitting up - he just inches and sits... then turns to the direction... lunges... and starts the process all over again.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Scrapgirl Challenge

Had to use the title - nothing like... i changed it to nothing better than...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cookie Monster

So with Braden I think he was about a year old before i ventured to giving him a chocolate cookie, Parker, I'm not so cautious and could care less about the mess.

After Dinner Saturday while we were all enjoying our cookies I felt it was only fair that my new little eater could have one, so he got about a third of a cookie.... HOW CUTE, HOW MESSY.

As you can see his bruise is about a yellow now, in some lighting it is even hard to tell. Amazing how fast little ones can heal.

Update on Braden and nursery. Can you say 180? We have a lovely new nursery leader and Braden is just LOVING IT. He willingly goes, actually we have to stop him each Sunday as we walk by on our way to sacrament. He loves playing with (ian) Ryan, and (idie) Heidi. He is just so happy to be there. What a blessing for me.

This week I was let go as Relief Society secretary and was called as Second Counselor in the Young Womens. I was just getting my feet soaked as secretary, but the Lord has another plan for me. I thoroughly enjoy working with the Young Women. I think mostly cause I don’t feel like I'm more than 18 anyhow, okay, really I feel like I'm 50 some days. But I'm looking forward to the challenges and blessings with this calling.

We will be helping Brants parents move stuff from storage to their new Lake property in Eufaula this weekend. We are looking forward to helping and getting to see them again.

It's almost 9 and I feel like I've been up for a week - this little lady is going to bed before the news comes on.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Fading Green....

The photos speak for themselves huh - it is healing faster than I thought it would.
He is teething pretty heavy right now - notice the HUGE drool marks on his shirt.
Hope everyone has a great weekend, Brant is off and we plan on spending time together enjoying the nice weather we are supposed to have. Hopefully we can hook up with some friends from out of town too for dinner or something.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

There has been an accident!

Ahhh dont you just love those moments of PANIC.
Monday I was in the bedroom messing with some graphical projects I have for a client, Braden playing on the bed watching Blues Clues. I hear "OH CRAP" coming from the living room and then Parker screaming - then "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, I'm an idiot" - as I come into the room Brant proceeds to tell me to call the doctor that he thinks he broke parkers nose.
I go get the phone - and proceed to ask HOW?
Brant has always thrown my kids up in the air - yes they love it. But it always gives everyone around us small strokes each time. Monday morning Brants aim in tossing the baby in the air painfully ended with Parker planting his nose on the wooden window sill.
Brant is always calm, but in this moment he had me alittle panicked since he is always a rock but he was rushing around trying to get dressed cause he is convinced we will be going to the emergency room. I told him, honey I don think babies have anything in their to break, their nose isnt really developed. He calmed down alittle. The nurse on the phone put me on hold to see what Dr had to say, he didnt feel we needed to go to the emergency room, but said to bring him in at 2 10 just to make sure.
Parkers pleasant attitude quickly returned. He acted pretty darn happy most of the day. Big Brother Braden cant understand that shoving baby brother on the floor isnt fun anymore now that our nose hurts!

Brant feels terrible - I know he wishes it was his nose instead. He swears he doesnt even want to play with the kid anymore. This is the second accident in two weeks. But hopefully he will understand that maybe throwing the baby in the air isnt really necessary at this stage in their life =-)

I thought I would post a Photo from Sunday, Monday and now today. Doctor said it will get WAY worse before it gets better - YEAH - so watch for the rainbow of colors I am sure he will produce.


Monday - first time in the sand - it doesnt taste good

Monday - mommy's straw tastes much better!


Sunday, February 3, 2008


Why do I even give my children these messy things? Bitter Biscuits - do they end up like this for every child?

This is the first time for oh 4 months I gave him a bath in the sink - not sure where my brain cells have gone but I have become very stupid. I know the child loves to splash but did it even cross my mind that I really didnt water water all over the kitchen? NOPE - the rug infront of the sink was still wet at midnight lastnight.

Tired little fella

So Daddy got to watch boys while I went to the store - I do enjoy shopping even if it is at walmart when I am sans kids!

I probably linger longer than I should but it is so nice...

Anyhow - while I was gone brant was watching both boys, went to go check on what braden was up too in another room and sat parker on the couch - not sure why we do this - but often we will set a pillow in parkers lap like it will really hamper him from rolling off the couch. Anyways brant proceeded to do this.... and this is what he came back too...

Guess Someone Was Tired.

Saturdays Challenge

Saturdays Challenge was to use Mardi Gras Collors - Gold, Green and Purple - I didnt really have supplies that were those traditional colors so I did play on the shades with what I had.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Scrapbook Challenge 02-01-2008

So Yeah - Another Challenge - the Ladies over at always have these challenges, the past two weeks I havent really visited the site as regularly as I usually do. But tonight I've been trying to make some headway in the scrapbooking department - Took a break from the kids to do the challenge and picked some baby photos of me to do.

here is the challenge
-Title Challenge: Alternate the colors of the letters in the title, and have something dangle from the title.
It was kinda difficult - I learned how to use the erase tool in PSE 6 which I had never used... I handmade the dangle loop for the tag.... I'm proud of myself!

Braden's first few days

I did Parkers first day pages last month - so here are Bradens. I might edit his photo page cause the photos with the small border arent doing anything for me.

Okay so I finally...

So I finally got my daily schedule done up - or not really a schedule but a daily reminder of what I need to accomplish.

I've taken clues from both and a book about Organizing a Household. So with that being said I love digital scrapbooking and decided to make me something pretty to go on my refrigerator.

Okay let me take a side step cause tonight I noticed something and I have to ask some questions - How does the inside of the refrigerators get so darn dirty. I swear I open it for just less than a minute each time - things that are put in there are uhhh clean - yet soon - after cleaning it, its dirty again. Tonight was one of those nights that it dawned on me that it was filthy. I went to fill up Bradens cups for the morning. (Im not a morning person so the less I have talk to him early in the morning when I'm waking up the better) Anyways I sat the kool aide pitcher down and it splattered, so I go to get my Clorox wipes and start to wipe it down and boom its a 20 minute project of cleaning stuff... it by no means is Mom approved (my mom) I'll work on that tomorrow, but it will do. The outside wasnt too bad - but since I have a little fella that likes to play with mommies wizard of oz magnets it seems to get dirtier faster now.

BUT really what is with the water dispenser - does my house really have that much dirt floating around the air - cause tonight I kid you not it looked like braden had taken it outside and got dirt on it. It grossed me out. I think I might put this on one of my chores =-) cause I dont think about it when I go get a drink - but I'm sure if I would pay attention it wouldnt get to that point.

Okay so back to my pretty little reminder I made.

I dont think it is fair that when I cook each night that I be responsible for dishes too. We do not have a dishwasher (mechanical one). It always seems to pile up and then depresses me - then I spend a whole evening doing like 5 loads of dishes (I separate, plastics, glass, dishes, cookware, silverware - not in that order but close) - then my back hurts and I swear it wont happen again - YEAH RIGHT. Let me just say Brant is usually always helpful in this department - but in making a reminder I thought I would divide up the responsibility so one of us isnt stuck with a horrible mess that takes hours to clean up.

Anyways hopefully something pretty to look at will remind me of what I need to be doing to keep my sanity.

I truly try. I am no way close to having it all together that is for sure! But I am trying to form habits - so that it becomes old hat just to do my duty!

Anywho - I am sure I will have to edit this, but this is what I came up with.