Friday, February 29, 2008

We're crawling

(Brant took this photo of parkers feet and tush)

Wednesday parker started crawling! WOW has it been different around the house the past couple of days. I dont Remember Braden being so curious about things and exploring .... Parker just goes where he wants... when he wants...
He is pulling up on things to his knees and can get his foot under him and kinda almost stand but he isnt there yet. Parker is playing in the play pen right now since he is mister adventure.
I'll have some video later today - the battery on the camera was dead last night when I was going to take photos and video.

The boys also got their hair cut yesterday - we didnt do the spikey thing with Braden this time cause his hair is almost laying down now.

(Parker thought she was pretty funny)

(ha ha count dracula)

(What is going on?)

I originally posted this earlier in the day, but mister Parker Wayne decided to wow me some more - he pulled right up to his feet .... he stood up holding onto Bradens tractor and just stood there... legs trembling but stood there for a while... then plopped back down.

(wow they almost look like well behaved, sweet angels)

I wanted to get a video of him crawling - but the boys were both cranky this evening - and after the photos were taken we were done with the camera - I'll get one tomorrow. Morning the boys are so much more happy! They didnt get that from their momma.

(the true Braden - gosh he is becoming a poster child for a two year old)

(I thought he looked so pretty in this one - of course he was looking at MAMA - which he can babble so well now)


Melanie said...

Can't wait for photos/video. I'm kind of jealous on the crawling - Cade isn't even close but I know it will happen eventually...good luck keeping him out of things.

Garrison Family said...

i tell ya - this one is so much more "interested" in things compared to Braden - Already taped up one of my glass cases - that you tap to open.... i guess my pretties are interesting...