Friday, February 1, 2008

Okay so I finally...

So I finally got my daily schedule done up - or not really a schedule but a daily reminder of what I need to accomplish.

I've taken clues from both and a book about Organizing a Household. So with that being said I love digital scrapbooking and decided to make me something pretty to go on my refrigerator.

Okay let me take a side step cause tonight I noticed something and I have to ask some questions - How does the inside of the refrigerators get so darn dirty. I swear I open it for just less than a minute each time - things that are put in there are uhhh clean - yet soon - after cleaning it, its dirty again. Tonight was one of those nights that it dawned on me that it was filthy. I went to fill up Bradens cups for the morning. (Im not a morning person so the less I have talk to him early in the morning when I'm waking up the better) Anyways I sat the kool aide pitcher down and it splattered, so I go to get my Clorox wipes and start to wipe it down and boom its a 20 minute project of cleaning stuff... it by no means is Mom approved (my mom) I'll work on that tomorrow, but it will do. The outside wasnt too bad - but since I have a little fella that likes to play with mommies wizard of oz magnets it seems to get dirtier faster now.

BUT really what is with the water dispenser - does my house really have that much dirt floating around the air - cause tonight I kid you not it looked like braden had taken it outside and got dirt on it. It grossed me out. I think I might put this on one of my chores =-) cause I dont think about it when I go get a drink - but I'm sure if I would pay attention it wouldnt get to that point.

Okay so back to my pretty little reminder I made.

I dont think it is fair that when I cook each night that I be responsible for dishes too. We do not have a dishwasher (mechanical one). It always seems to pile up and then depresses me - then I spend a whole evening doing like 5 loads of dishes (I separate, plastics, glass, dishes, cookware, silverware - not in that order but close) - then my back hurts and I swear it wont happen again - YEAH RIGHT. Let me just say Brant is usually always helpful in this department - but in making a reminder I thought I would divide up the responsibility so one of us isnt stuck with a horrible mess that takes hours to clean up.

Anyways hopefully something pretty to look at will remind me of what I need to be doing to keep my sanity.

I truly try. I am no way close to having it all together that is for sure! But I am trying to form habits - so that it becomes old hat just to do my duty!

Anywho - I am sure I will have to edit this, but this is what I came up with.

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