Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jace Noble Garrison : Official Announcement

Finally got it done! Yeah --- Took his photo tonight --- I laid him down to go yell at his brothers because they werent laying down for bed and was like Oh mercy that is precious! Amazing how things come about!

Friday, October 15, 2010


update: on the garrison family

Jace had his two week appointment this past Thursday. He is weighing 5 lbs 4 ozs and is 18 inches long (guess they got it wrong at the hospital on the length - but it is already wrote in the baby book) LOL
We get to go back in two weeks to see if he is gaining weight. I am pretty sure he is gaining cause he is eating more!
Braden the morning of my birthday (which was picture day)

Parker thinks he is top dog when he gets to hold Jace.

This was the friday that I got released from the hospital. At Grandma Bentleys!

Every morning is awesome when you wake up to that face!

Our first Sunday to go to Church!
Jace had his first bath this past week, he hated it, but he loved the one I gave him this morning, made sure the water was warmer LOL... and he wiggled around and coo'd.
Our family has been battling some stomach bug. We have been throwing up and fevering, we are praying it is out our system cause it was miserable! I think we are doing better now. At least I hope!!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Jace 6 days old!

Well Mommy and Jace are back home. We came home from staying at Grandma and Grandpa Bentleys Friday and Saturday night. Sunday was our first night home. It went smoothly. I was rather shocked I didnt have two other boys trying to crawl into bed with us. Jace is sleeping pretty good for 3 hour blocks, which is pretty good for such a tiny baby.
This outfit he has on tonight is the only thing in my collection from two babies that was "newborn" size. Even newborn is too big for him. We need preemie size LOL. But what is the point in buying preemie when Jace is it for us. I think he is doing well, seems to be eating better, definitely is poopin' and peein' better then he was at the hospital. We had to take him back in for some Jaundice but they called late this evening and said that just continue doing what we are doing that it is decreasing and will be fine and to call them back if he turns more yellow. So onward to our 2 week "well baby visit".

I'm feeling bad about Parker right now. Him being the second child, I wasnt all to excited about certain things, and even though this is number three, I know it is/was my last so i want to cherish it.... what a crappie situation for Parker. I'm glad Parker is demanding and lol attention getting cause he will make sure I am paying attention to him enough.

I'm pretty lucky to have the three boys I have. Granted most days they seriously drive me insane. The 5 days I was without them around me I missed them terribly and when they were around and acting up I still missed it.

The sisters in our ward are so kind, we've had dinner made for us the past few nights and they are just all so considerate. The boys have loved their cooking. Again so blessed.

I'm feeling better, pain is still there, and I need to remember to take the darn pain pills before I have pain so that I'm not in a bad place by the time I get around to it. I'm in the mood to go shopping LOL which I'm sure isnt good but I think its a good sign of where I am in my recovery.
I'm working on Jace's announcement. Hoping to get a good photo of him tomorrow in the sunlight. He hates bright light and the flash just urks him off!

So anyhow. that what is happening with us. As soon as I have more exciting lol news I'll be sure to share.