Wednesday, January 2, 2013

8 more Elf on the Shelf Ideas

I have to say I am so happy we did Elf on the Shelf this year. My boys LOVED Macy, and already miss her.

Macy was touched, so Santa sent some special medicine for her to regain her power. (Sugar and Glitter - I emptied a hotel shampoo bottle and made a label - the kids applied the dust to her three times that day)
Playing on the copier!

Count down graffiti

TP'd the tree!!!!

Played with some glow sticks.

Gave the boys 5 bucks for a movie rental and popcorn. (Reward for doing their chores early)

Crepe Papered their doorways!

Riding a Reindeer at the In-laws - Goodbye letter!

I hope these two post can give you some ideas. I am going to start early in 2013 with an Elf on the Shelf  calendar.