Friday, November 9, 2012

Baptism Invite - for a friend

Just finished this for a childhood friend. ADORABLE lil boy!!! What an exciting day coming up!!!!

:) send me a note if you might need one. Real reasonable!!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick or Treat Time and much more!

Well life has been busy around here! Dont think life is gonna slow down till winter. I say winter cause I hate winter and become a total hermit. Will be great for crafting though. I got a new machine and I'm so EXCITED! I had bought a Cricut Imagine, worst buy of my life. Literally a piece of poop. I'm very anti cricut now, any company that thinks by locking a "CREATIVE" person down by only allowing their products to be used with it is just redonkulous in my opinion. I got a Silhouette Cameo!!!
I just cant wait to play with it more. Love the software. Already imported in a digital scrapbooking element to make sure I could use anything in my 6 gigs worth of scrapbooking supplies! It worked like a charm! After selling my cricut stuff I only paid 81 bucks :) SOOOO THRILLED. I do feel bad even selling that cricut. To me it wasnt worth 2 bucks.

Do any of use the classified type groups on Facebook? Well my family does. Infact that is how I sold my Imagine. Well, I saw this beautiful couch that came up for sale. We have 3 living areas in this house and only came from a house that had 1 lol, so needless to say we didnt have much to fill all three rooms. We are pretty thrifty and I dont mind buying second hand. The previous owner left a couch here, a 1970's couch that she had recovered in a very 1990's floral of mauve's and greens. This new couch has beautiful rich jewel tones.
Now I just need to pull a golden color out of the material and go a few more shades lighter and paint the den.

So you all remember my sweet adorable baby Jace? Remember those cute smiles? Precious little TWO YEAR OLD? Oh my heavens this child is doing me under. Literally questioning my sanity. One of my older boys had messed with a few of my things that I had put away. MAGICALLY Jace located a bottle of BLACK ACRYLIC paint. Yea, I'm sure you're already picturing the HORROR. See the white carpet in the couch photo. Do you know how hard this color is to have with three boys and two dogs? IT IS HORRIBLE. Well imagine what half a bottle of black acrylic paint would look like on it. OH NO, let me show you what it looks like after all attempts to clean it.
This is after hours of hands and knees scrubbing, bleaching, carpet shampooing... I was seeing red, not black. After all the tears and anger. I realized I have a scrap piece of carpet that has been by my vanity in the bathroom since we moved. So I called a carpet place and Monday they will be cutting this piece out and patching a new piece in. I will also be getting some quotes for different flooring for this house. This white/off white carpet has been a pain in my arse since we bought this house. I am constantly worrying over marks on the carpet. It is no way to live I tell ya. So if I have to sell the 2 year old to do it, by gosh I will (wink wink).

Halloween is a fun time for us. My husband enjoys buying me costumes. Probably alittle too much. But he usually gets fun cute things so I wont get him counseling yet. The boys picked out their costumes. Braden an Army guy, Parker the Red Power Ranger and we picked a Dinosaur for Jace. I was a pirate.
We went and visited Great Grandma Regina after dinner at McDonalds. It was nice seeing Great Grandma. She lives on the other side of town and I rarely even go into town. I need to do better. Plus she is a busy lil lady! Anyways. We came home and walked around our small neighborhood with our neighbors which we just love to pieces.
Jace had already dove into his loot.

We are headed to Oklahoma City for a weekend of celebrating our niece Brooklynn's first birthday. Should be fun.