Friday, March 27, 2009

Oh My Heavens: Digital Designs

So for those that might be wondering what I am up too lately. I am working on a new business venture. My husband wants me to get a job, well he wants me to do something other than watch the kids all the time. So since I've been doing alot of digital scrapbooking for Young Womens and have alot of luck with people at least downloading them which in 6 months I've had alittle over 14000 Downloads.
So right now I have the domain name , I am currently trying to get some things done and organized to show examples of each. So I'm kinda excited about the whole process. It is something that calms me and keeps me entertained. So supposedly I am going to get a set of time each day that I wont have to be bothered and I will be able to work on things. I'm excited. Right now I'm trying to work out all the places that I might be able to set business cards or brochures at, or flyer's on bulletin boards... or mass emails lol... Not sure. I think it is so much fun to work with other peoples photos, its awesome to help make their memories even more cute =-) or special.

Anyways. Wish me Luck! If anything it will give me an excuse to do more digital art and hopefully take some classes on more digital art programs to learn how to use some of these programs to their FULLEST.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

How does the easter bunny know?

So I've been using the Easter Bunny as a bribe for a week now. I've been telling Braden that the Easter Bunny wont come if he isn't being good. (Yeah I know that is Santa Claus - but he is 3 he doesn't know any better). So Last night when I was shopping at Walmart I came across these Gel clingy thingys. I thought they were adorable. So I had Braden and Parker assist me in putting them on the TOP (yeah I'm no dummy) pane of the storm door. I told Braden that we are decorating so the Easter Bunny can find our house. He of course went upstairs took his nap and when he awoke he asked if the Easter Bunny stopped by yet. The child has no concept of time. So do you think he will keep it up for Two more weeks? Pray it does, I love bribes.
So, Okay I know that Robert Downey JR. Is my man, but Simon Baker AKA Patrick Jane is quickly taking his place. We got our TV Guide magazine today that usually gets thrown in the trash cause we don't use it, but oh no this one did not make it to the trash and I'm thinking about framing it and putting him on my desk. PRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. For any of you that love a good sitcom watch the Mentalist. Check your local listings!
Brant turned 30 Sunday! I'm so glad that he is now in the 30's with me. Parker loved the cake as you can see, he started relaxing while he was finishing his cake (actually his second piece of cake).

Braden knew it was Daddy's Birthday and minus cake, candles and singing you must be photographed while enjoying your day. Braden found his play camera and didn't miss a shot. Notice that his hands are filthy with chocolate cake, didn't stop him.

One of the Birthday Boy (or Man as he is correcting me) blowing out the 1 boot candle I had left over from Braden's Birthday - For some reason I couldn't find the crayola ones I had lol. We enjoyed singing Happy Birthday to daddy, Braden knows the song decently. Parker smiled and I think applauded at the end with excitement.

Store bought - DON'T JUDGE. Notice the finger smudge on the yellow balloon. The resident Monkey (aka PARKER) decided he was ready for cake and helped himself. By climbing into his chair and then onto the table top.

We enjoyed dinner at El Patio after a Sunday Drive. Not sure what was going on in the picture other than me annoying him with my camera phone.

Friday Night we went to the OKC Thunder Game. If you click on the photo you will notice a balancing Bison. He is rather scary and if I was a child I think he would haunt my dreams, but he was entertaining. Cant say the game was all to entertaining. The atmosphere of the game was just odd. Not sure why. We so enjoyed the Hornets game we attended last year. This was just fizzled and the team wasn't on and well... we lasted to the end of the 3rd quarter then went to the Olive Garden. We sure hope they continue to get better, they didn't do half bad for their first year here and how the beginning of the season started for them. Cross your fingers we can get Blake Griffin in the draft. The Thunder played the Utah Jazz, there was a cute couple with a baby girl that was routing for the Jazz. It was cute, the lady entertained us with her hootin' and hollerin' ---- she had something to cheer about.

FINALLY BUNK BEDS. Braden officially has been moved to a big boy bed and he is actually staying in it all night. He was so excited to get the beds. He loves to play on the top bunk but has informed Parker that he can sleep up there. I'm thinking he is a scardy cat. We haven't moved Parker into the room yet, they just don't seem to know how to turn it off. Any pointers on how to integrate two rowdy boys?

Look at those legs! What a cutie! As you can see Parker is not afraid of climbing... now if we can make sure Braden doesn't knock him down in the process we will be moving in the right direction.

So we decided to get some fish one night on a whim at Walmart. I have bad luck with fish but I was hoping my new found motherhood skills would help me be a good fish caretaker. NOPE as you can see we had 4 fish (you cant see one of the sharks) as of today we have 1 tiger barb and two snails that we added last weekend. We stink! I'm thinking we need to get some more fish.... but the Barb is aggressive so who knows what we can get to go with him.

So like I said in the post below I fell down the stairs - This is the 3rd day I think, the one below is from the first day. I am almost completely off the pain meds and muscle relaxers. The chiropractor really does seem to be helping somewhat. At least with the soreness. Only issue is I didn't know I had hurt my shoulder blade and when the massage guy started he located like 6 knots. I got a lesson on why you get knots cause I get them a lot. Something about congestion and then tweaking it, I also heard that if don't drink enough water that sure doesn't help the situation. I'm horrible about drinking period so I now have a clue of why I always get knots in my muscles. Note to self. DRINK MORE WATER PLEASE.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Things sometimes dont go your way...

Gosh this is a hard thing for me to admit, cause goodness sakes I like to have control. Let me tell ya some of the good that has happened then I'll fill ya in on why I've been absent.
We got a new computer. Amazing how cheap you can get a computer when someone orders ones and it gets scratched and sent back... might I recommend that to anyone that is in the market for a new computer, check out - there you can find things that have been refurbished (and certified) or scratch and dent. I'm totally loving the new machine, the little amount of time I've been on it.
Brant was officially offered his position with Conoco Phillips, which means when they move us, which seems to have been moved up, we will move to Bartlesville.
The weather here is beautiful, spring has arrived.
Hmmm what else is good... I know other good things have happened.
New Favorite CD - Zac Brown Band - they are the ones that recorded Chicken Fried, but oh my the rest of the cd is just awesome. If you are a Van Morrison fan, you'll love them. They are country but very soul country. Cute songs.
Hmmm... what else is good. Started a new book - "Living the Truth" - it is supposed to help me deal with the "shields" or defenses I put up in life. I'll do alittle write up on it when I actually dive into it, which by the way, the author makes you commit to reading it in 30 days.

Okay so now for my bad news. Or painful news. Sunday morning I was being lazy and didn't get up and around quickly for church, I was soaking in the tub, kiddie gate securely placed at the top of the stairwell. My monkeys decided they couldn't wait for mommy to get done and as I heard them running down the stairs I thought... no no no too many things they could do while I probably fall back asleep in this tub. So out I flew. Without drying my feet and slipped and slammed my back against the stairs (hard wood floors). Yeah I knew something wasn't right but I went down got the boys in tears and told them they had to stay in their room while I finished my bath - cause I swore it was a stinger and it would go away. As I got back in the tub which hurt so badly, I called my husband in tears, telling him I think I need to go to the er. His job is not one where he can just rush out. So he said call your mom, I'm like Sacrament has already started. He said I will figure it out.
So he called many cell phone numbers and no one answered, finally called the ward building and mom and dad were on their way. Now remember I did this all in my birthday suit. So as soon as he said your mom and dad are on their way I got out of the tub and had my poor 3 year old help me get dressed. So odd having him hold your panties saying help momma.... they were troopers and I was so thankful Braden was old enough to follow directions.
Mom and dad got there and we went to the er, brant met us there.
Nothing was broke but OH MY HEAVENS I've been in such pain ever since. They gave me some heavy drugs that Sunday and I really don't remember alot from that past week. I came too Wednesday when I was realizing my pain pills were not refillable and they were vanishing. So I ran out and thought no no no I should be better I'll take Ibuprofen, Friday night I threw up cause lets face it when your not feeling well and you take pills they just don't sit well... and Ibuprofen was about all I had on my stomach. Throwing up with hurt ribs! NOT FUN. Saturday I marched myself down to the Urgent Care center where they were able to refill my muscle relaxer and give me some lower but still good pain killers. Tomorrow I go to the Chiropractor. The urgent care center tells me I shouldn't be in as much pain as I am - and that if it isn't significantly better by the end of the week they would want a cat scan to see if I tore a muscle or have soft tissue damage. I can tell ya this much. I'm functioning so much better. I have pain when I on my back or have over done it and twist a certain way, when I agitate it, it feels like something is ripping or tearing... goodness me it hurts. But I'm doing so much better.
So yeah I've been MIA.
I haven't gotten things installed yet on this new computer but that is my goal for tomorrow morning. I need my design software and I need to hook the old computer up so i can finish the other backup of my C drive (already have D). I'm so looking forward to scrapbooking on this thing. It has more ram then my first computer had hard drive space. Like by 200% lol... amazing how computers change in 10 years.
Sorry no photos this post. But with this weather being so darn awesome I think I might take the boys out in the morning and get some new photos of them. Parker hit his head hard Tuesday while at Grandma, I am hoping it is healed before Easter - I've got the boys some cute "Island Chic" outfits for Easter (white linen pants - I'm INSANE).
Brant's 30th Birthday is Sunday - so is his Baptism. So I will have lots to Report on. Friday we are going to see the THUNDER.
I've submitted my NCAA brackets to the local radio station. Anyone want to challenge me?
So lots of things to blog about, and I plan on it. Bare with me!

So on the list of photos -
Bruise, Computer, Boys, Spring Things....... I think that is it? OH I got a new haircut... I'll take a new photo showing that lol...