Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sixteen Fun Ideas for Elf on the Shelf

Yep our house got an Elf. Her name is Macy. Enjoy some of her antics. Complete list to come.

Macy came to visit us and brought us Snow covered donuts and Hot Chocolate. PLUS our christmas ornaments for this year.
Snow angels in Sugar

Budding artist Macy, drew silly faces on everyones photos with Dry Erase Markers.
Since there were no stockings hung, Macy hung some undies up.
Macy went out on a date with Buzz Light Year. Syrup and marshmallows were on the menu.
Flying around.
Graffiti'd the mirror.
Brought us stuff to make cookies. Practice for Christmas Eve.
Someone was naughty. She had to write; "I will not feed Rudolph marshmallows" over and over and over.
Macy and friends looking at a Christmas book.
Macy went shopping!!! She got a new skirt and a pretty hair bow from Santas Shop.
Macy painted the kids noses red while they slept. Plus she drew antlers on the mirror so they would look like Rudolph when they looked in the mirror.
Cut out some snowflakes.
Turned the milk GREEN.
Getting into a game of Angry Birds!
Macy and some friends made a fort and had a Marshmallow war!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Baptism Invite - for a friend

Just finished this for a childhood friend. ADORABLE lil boy!!! What an exciting day coming up!!!!

:) send me a note if you might need one. Real reasonable!!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick or Treat Time and much more!

Well life has been busy around here! Dont think life is gonna slow down till winter. I say winter cause I hate winter and become a total hermit. Will be great for crafting though. I got a new machine and I'm so EXCITED! I had bought a Cricut Imagine, worst buy of my life. Literally a piece of poop. I'm very anti cricut now, any company that thinks by locking a "CREATIVE" person down by only allowing their products to be used with it is just redonkulous in my opinion. I got a Silhouette Cameo!!!
I just cant wait to play with it more. Love the software. Already imported in a digital scrapbooking element to make sure I could use anything in my 6 gigs worth of scrapbooking supplies! It worked like a charm! After selling my cricut stuff I only paid 81 bucks :) SOOOO THRILLED. I do feel bad even selling that cricut. To me it wasnt worth 2 bucks.

Do any of use the classified type groups on Facebook? Well my family does. Infact that is how I sold my Imagine. Well, I saw this beautiful couch that came up for sale. We have 3 living areas in this house and only came from a house that had 1 lol, so needless to say we didnt have much to fill all three rooms. We are pretty thrifty and I dont mind buying second hand. The previous owner left a couch here, a 1970's couch that she had recovered in a very 1990's floral of mauve's and greens. This new couch has beautiful rich jewel tones.
Now I just need to pull a golden color out of the material and go a few more shades lighter and paint the den.

So you all remember my sweet adorable baby Jace? Remember those cute smiles? Precious little TWO YEAR OLD? Oh my heavens this child is doing me under. Literally questioning my sanity. One of my older boys had messed with a few of my things that I had put away. MAGICALLY Jace located a bottle of BLACK ACRYLIC paint. Yea, I'm sure you're already picturing the HORROR. See the white carpet in the couch photo. Do you know how hard this color is to have with three boys and two dogs? IT IS HORRIBLE. Well imagine what half a bottle of black acrylic paint would look like on it. OH NO, let me show you what it looks like after all attempts to clean it.
This is after hours of hands and knees scrubbing, bleaching, carpet shampooing... I was seeing red, not black. After all the tears and anger. I realized I have a scrap piece of carpet that has been by my vanity in the bathroom since we moved. So I called a carpet place and Monday they will be cutting this piece out and patching a new piece in. I will also be getting some quotes for different flooring for this house. This white/off white carpet has been a pain in my arse since we bought this house. I am constantly worrying over marks on the carpet. It is no way to live I tell ya. So if I have to sell the 2 year old to do it, by gosh I will (wink wink).

Halloween is a fun time for us. My husband enjoys buying me costumes. Probably alittle too much. But he usually gets fun cute things so I wont get him counseling yet. The boys picked out their costumes. Braden an Army guy, Parker the Red Power Ranger and we picked a Dinosaur for Jace. I was a pirate.
We went and visited Great Grandma Regina after dinner at McDonalds. It was nice seeing Great Grandma. She lives on the other side of town and I rarely even go into town. I need to do better. Plus she is a busy lil lady! Anyways. We came home and walked around our small neighborhood with our neighbors which we just love to pieces.
Jace had already dove into his loot.

We are headed to Oklahoma City for a weekend of celebrating our niece Brooklynn's first birthday. Should be fun.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

More Fall Photos!

 Pretty much self explainitory! New camera has been a lot of fun!

Fall Photos!!!

I love fall, seriously, love fall. I dont know if its the holidays, the weather, the colors, my birthday, not sure, but I just love FALL.

Yesterday I was outside watching my children ride their bikes and it dawned on me. My awesome birthday gift was sitting inside. I needed to test my action photos!!!

So I took a lot of photos. Here are the three I took throughout the day. With the final edit done. Let me know what you think. I like em.

 Tomorrow is the start of Fall Break. I told the boys they are getting cleaned up and I'm taking more photos of them. We shall see how they treat me and if I just run away screaming and crying not understanding why its so hard to look at the camera and smile and not look like someone has tapped their mouth into position or is scaring them.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Yep, I'm now 35! YIKES!!!

This past weekend I hit a mile stone. Not sure I wanted to hit it but not sure you can stop it!!!!

 Oh and with 35 I went red headed!! Fun color but a pain to keep up. Probably wont last too much longer!

We went to Ponca City this weekend. I always try and go to the Oktoberfest in Ponca, sadly it was very disappointing this year. Kinda inspired me to possibly start doing a booth myself. Stinks when I dont walk away with anything in my hand I couldnt live without.

The boys did ride the ponys, not sure if three kids and 15 dollars was worth the 3 minute ride lol but oh well. I know they loved it and they will remember it. Jace had a great grin the entire time!

We celebrated Jace's 2nd birthday. Yep you read that right. He is TWO!!!
 He is everything a two year old is described as. Head strong. Active. Funny. Moody. LOVING.
 He is totally my hero.
 Jace loves to play with grandma's dog. Piper. Piper loves to gnaw on his fingers and he enjoys it!!!
 What is more fun than banging on wood! NUTTEN.
 Here is Jace's birthday cake. He loves to wear his fireman hat around the house. We have two hats, one he will wear and the other he will usually insist Brant or I wear too.
 He didnt enjoy us singing to him. Which made me feel alittle odd about our singing. Nor would he blow his candles out. Oh well. Always next year.
Brothers loved being apart of Jace's gift opening.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What I've been doing.....

Okay so I've been a busy beaver, been doing a lot of things. One of those things is not cleaning house, and it shows, I do hope no one shows up at my door in the next couple of days cause I seriously don't wanna be embarrassed, granted lots of cool things are happening. And with school approaching and more time on my hands, the FUN will begin around here.

One of my projects has been these frames. Now imagine them brass/gold color.... I love spray paint!

Here they are after I spray painted them a base color.

Here you can see them after I antiqued them. First time at glazing... FUN FUN FUN. Oh the possibilities, made me feel better about what I wanna do to my kitchen cabinets. Guess if I mess them up to badly the husband will wanna redo the kitchen before any of his projects.

Here is the red frame with the photo below in it. I sent this 16x20 print off to Walgreens and it looks so much better than that drab *but cool* photo of the house in 1970. I need to find some foam board to put behind the photo so that it will fit better in the frame and get a proper frame hook for the back. I do not want this to fall. LOVE IT. (will look awesome when i get my walls painted).

Perfect Oklahoma Sunset.
As I was walking past my kitchen window yesterday I noticed the bright oranges in the sky, I hurried and put the boys to bed and grabbed the camera. There is a pasture that starts about a half an acre or so from our yard. so I walked over to the barbed wire fence and got a few beautiful shots. This is my favorite, and now has a place in my living room so I can see it daily.

Scrapbooking has been consuming my life. Here are some layouts I've done recently.

Braden - 2 schools last year.

Braden at the Oklahoma Aquarium - Jenks Oklahoma - Kindergarten Field Trip

Bradens 6th Birthday

Jace's first Campout

Jace loves the Soccer Ball

Tulsa Zoo - I did this one as a scrap challenge. Task was to create a Red/White/Blue layout.

I've been so bad I havent even shown this photo of my boys from Christmas time.

Well I have also been doing some tutorials for digital scrapbooking over at B2N2 Scraps. I will put a link over on the side so you all can enjoy her creations.

Boys start school August 16th. We enroll them on August 13th! So its next week! Tomorrow we are headed to Tulsa to do some back to school clothes shopping - still gotta get shoes, backpack, lunch box and Clorox wipes. Wednesday we are gonna go check out this water park here in town, I haven't taken the boys all summer and it is a must they get to go there. So scratch that one off the list. We are hoping to go down to the lake next week, Brants calendar is all jacked up and isn't getting weekends off for a while :( bummer. So we gotta get a day in at the lake ASAP. Not that I don't think the lake will still be warm lol come September. Mercy Oklahoma has been HOT.