Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sixteen Fun Ideas for Elf on the Shelf

Yep our house got an Elf. Her name is Macy. Enjoy some of her antics. Complete list to come.

Macy came to visit us and brought us Snow covered donuts and Hot Chocolate. PLUS our christmas ornaments for this year.
Snow angels in Sugar

Budding artist Macy, drew silly faces on everyones photos with Dry Erase Markers.
Since there were no stockings hung, Macy hung some undies up.
Macy went out on a date with Buzz Light Year. Syrup and marshmallows were on the menu.
Flying around.
Graffiti'd the mirror.
Brought us stuff to make cookies. Practice for Christmas Eve.
Someone was naughty. She had to write; "I will not feed Rudolph marshmallows" over and over and over.
Macy and friends looking at a Christmas book.
Macy went shopping!!! She got a new skirt and a pretty hair bow from Santas Shop.
Macy painted the kids noses red while they slept. Plus she drew antlers on the mirror so they would look like Rudolph when they looked in the mirror.
Cut out some snowflakes.
Turned the milk GREEN.
Getting into a game of Angry Birds!
Macy and some friends made a fort and had a Marshmallow war!

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