Saturday, June 27, 2009

Celebrating Parker

My Baby is TWO!!!

Two years ago this HUGE 10 lb 6 oz baby joined us, this lil guy was so over due, swollen and looked so uncomfortable, BUT he was so beautiful with his dark hair and BIG BLUE eyes. One thing I enjoyed was since Braden was around everyone was worried about how he felt so I got alot of time with Parker. Lots of snuggle time, gazing time, oh how I miss that. Parker was a momma's boy for a little time! One lil piece of information on how two babies can be so different. Parker was 10lbs 6 oz's - at a year he was 20lbs
Braden was 8 lbs 2.5 oz's - at a year he was 31 lbs
Parker is I believe right at 30 lbs now (when wet)
Braden is around 45 lbs .
Parker was born with dark hair - and now has WHITE blonde hair
Braden was born with a redish brown FUZZ --- now has dirty dishwater blonde hair like his momma.
Parker has BRIGHT light blue eyes like my Grandpa Bentley
Braden has dark deep blue eyes like his father.
Gotta love what the lord creates! Two beautiful little boys.

Okay forgive me the photos are in reverse order, silly blogger thing takes them and reverses them which I forget about till I already upload them. I would rearrange them but then you wouldn't be able to enlarge them.

Here is Parker with his cake!

Parker was soooo Proud of himself - blew the candles out in one lil blow.

He loved getting sung to!

Goofy look....

Braden loves birthdays and will tell you that his is coming up soon. (Not till November) But he at least can be happy for his brother's birthday.

Parker Wayne is a pure joy. He is literally a child that makes you want to have 10 more. He has a sweet spirit. Loves his brother. Puts up with allot of bossing around by his brother. His smile and giggle are the sweetest, cutest, melt your heart things I've ever experienced. He is a good helper! Wonderful sorter! Picky eater, doesn't seem to like meat right now. Polite child. He might of been an accident but oh what a wonderful one he is!
He has hit the terrible twos, can throw a good fit when he is ticked off, yells at me when his brother gets in trouble, and can be very demanding, especially hates when you don't move fast enough for him after he has said Pweeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.
I do love my Parker Wayne

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Parker is two , shhhhhhhhhhh dont tell him

So dont tell Parker this cause we arent celebrating till tomorrow afternoon - But my BABY is 2 years old! WOW --- what a two years it has been. Tonight I blew up the pool --- yes I have alot of hot air. Put it to good use, though I was alittle lite headed afterwards.

We started out nude.... but sent bubba in to get some underwear! Goodness me his smile melts my heart!
So look for a post tomorrow. We are going to be busy lots of things to get done tomorrow --- including me getting a cake.

Farmtown Addiction Continues

You've gotta admit thats a pretty cool looking farm LOL

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Its "tricky"

Scene: Womens bathroom - softball field.
Characters: Mom (me) and Braden
Start scene:
Mom: Do you want to sit or stand Braden?
Braden: Stand
(assume position and attempt to pee)
Braden: Its not working
Mom: It isnt?
Braden: Yeah its tricky.

End Scene ---- laugh all the way home!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Fire Flies

Just got done with the kiddo's catching some fire flies and putting them in our bug catcher... they've been put just outside the doorway so no one lets them loose in the house! I love fire flies!!! Always a sign of June in Oklahoma and I think they have to be one of the most enjoyable bugs out there. On Mrs Spiders Sunny Patch cartoon they make sweet little shows... love love love fire flies... I haven't shown my boys how to tear their rears off and wear them as jewelry. Actually I'm shocked my mother hasn't amused them with that little gem of an activity. The house is peaceful and messy but peaceful... now what to do tomorrow? I'm thinking water.. but probably will rain and be nasty and spoil those plans! Saturday is a special day... its the day we get ready for SUUUUNDAY.... goodness sakes someone slap me to get these primary songs out of my head!!!! Oh well... I think the boys need another hair cut not to mention their nails... holy heck they grow fast!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oh what do you do in the summertime?

Oh what do you do in the summer time when all it does is rain? Do you annoy your children with pop rocks, silly string and play dough? Is that what you do? So do I?
For some silly reason I've been singing the Primary song Oh what do you do.... this week, I've been rather goofy with it in fact. Today I went to the Dollar store to get some things for girls camp and found some stuff to entertain me (yes me) today.
When the boys got up from nap time they had Pop Rocks for the first time, those willy wonka juice waxy things (puke)..... then we played with some play dough... made lots of snakes ssssssssssssssssssssssssssss and lots of balls, or as Parker calls them Bobby Balls (which I'm pretty sure is Bowling Ball)... then still not entertained enough and with it slightly drizzly outside I decided to chase the kids with silly string.... you will notice the across the street neighbor's grandson came out to see what the noise was about.

This is Parker doing a roll... not really this is as far as he will go lol but he is amused none the less.

Yes yes i know.... bad LOL... but I am finding such humor in Braden right now. So let me set this photo up. The neighbors have a HUGE dog that has been terrorizing the neighborhood lately anyways it came over and peed on the bush and then the front tree... Braden said .. what is the dog doing? I said... Peeing on things... he said WHY (the wonderful why stage is soooo fun isnt it) I said cause that is what dogs do they pee on things! He said I need to pee.... I said then pee.... he then dropped his underwear... I said not in the front yard.... Brant asked him to go inside but he didnt want too ... so I said do it behind the bushes and this is where he went... Parker watched closely and applauded his brothers "peeing" effort. You think he will mind if keep this for his Senior graduation?

Silly string makes for a great wig!

Braden on the run!!!!!!!!!

Parker thinking I wont come and get him LOL.... WRONG

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Car show - Lake Ponca

This afternoon (Saturday June 6th) we headed out with Grandma and Papa B to Lake Ponca for the Annual Classic Car show (and corvette show).
One of my favorite cars was this 54 Corvette! She was a beauty!
Loved this Sting Ray and DROOL over this 442
I had just tapped Parker on the tush with my foot and he was telling me "My Butt"

Isnt this powder blue Thunderbird to die for? The classic T-Top Trans Am isnt bad either!

Papa, Parker and Grandma B

Too cool, a place for the golf clubs!

This Blue/Purple car was just COOL.

I love a good hotrod paint job!
This Blue and White pick up was one of my moms favorite.