Saturday, June 27, 2009

Celebrating Parker

My Baby is TWO!!!

Two years ago this HUGE 10 lb 6 oz baby joined us, this lil guy was so over due, swollen and looked so uncomfortable, BUT he was so beautiful with his dark hair and BIG BLUE eyes. One thing I enjoyed was since Braden was around everyone was worried about how he felt so I got alot of time with Parker. Lots of snuggle time, gazing time, oh how I miss that. Parker was a momma's boy for a little time! One lil piece of information on how two babies can be so different. Parker was 10lbs 6 oz's - at a year he was 20lbs
Braden was 8 lbs 2.5 oz's - at a year he was 31 lbs
Parker is I believe right at 30 lbs now (when wet)
Braden is around 45 lbs .
Parker was born with dark hair - and now has WHITE blonde hair
Braden was born with a redish brown FUZZ --- now has dirty dishwater blonde hair like his momma.
Parker has BRIGHT light blue eyes like my Grandpa Bentley
Braden has dark deep blue eyes like his father.
Gotta love what the lord creates! Two beautiful little boys.

Okay forgive me the photos are in reverse order, silly blogger thing takes them and reverses them which I forget about till I already upload them. I would rearrange them but then you wouldn't be able to enlarge them.

Here is Parker with his cake!

Parker was soooo Proud of himself - blew the candles out in one lil blow.

He loved getting sung to!

Goofy look....

Braden loves birthdays and will tell you that his is coming up soon. (Not till November) But he at least can be happy for his brother's birthday.

Parker Wayne is a pure joy. He is literally a child that makes you want to have 10 more. He has a sweet spirit. Loves his brother. Puts up with allot of bossing around by his brother. His smile and giggle are the sweetest, cutest, melt your heart things I've ever experienced. He is a good helper! Wonderful sorter! Picky eater, doesn't seem to like meat right now. Polite child. He might of been an accident but oh what a wonderful one he is!
He has hit the terrible twos, can throw a good fit when he is ticked off, yells at me when his brother gets in trouble, and can be very demanding, especially hates when you don't move fast enough for him after he has said Pweeeeeeeeeeeeeeease.
I do love my Parker Wayne

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