Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Seriously this is the only time....

Seriously this is the only time you will probably see my belly lol, I've had many many requests to see this big belly and well this as good as its gonna get, I will only get bigger and bigger so I doubt I will let a camera within 50 feet of me in the next few months.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Baby Boy #3

We are back home from a very long day, Bartlesville, Tulsa and back. We met with our specialist today, I being the neurotic mom I am was kinda nervous because there was enough of a concern about the size of the baby's arms and legs that she felt the need to let me know but just like most things, everything was just fine. Baby is weighing 13oz's up from 8 oz's and is up from a 10-15 percentile in height to 25% so we are back to being normal. Whatever normal is for 21 weeks. It just amazed me how much baby had grown in three weeks. He seriously doesnt like having the ultrasounds done cause mercy does he throw a good ol' fit! The tech kept saying goodness this baby wont hold still. He at one point decided to just turn and face my back, small gesture of seriously leave me alone. The little guy was still alittle guy lol, nothing fell off and he was very showy with his "parts" just like last time. He definitely is looking like my other two did with the heart shaped faces. So cute. I hope this doctor uses her spiffy machine so I dont have to fork out more money for a 3d 4d one. Since she gets 35 each time I see her. Due date is set for the 22nd of October, but there is no way that will be the date just cause they dont let repeat c-sections go full term. So it will probably depend on how much fluid i retain/ produce so we might have the baby around the 11 or maybe even around my bday. SOONER the BETTER (as long as baby is okay with that). Here are some shots from today.

CUTE lil face - you can see his eye sockets, nose popping up and pointy lil chin.
Little baby boy in all his glory. No doubt.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Did I mention?

Im obviously not a good blogger anymore?

Just thought I would let everyone know that like three weeks ago we found out infact we are having our FINAL
We are headed to Tulsa again in two days (Friday) to get yet another ultrasound. They have increased my insulin almost double now. Which I have to shoot myself four times a day so it doesnt really matter to me how much i'm giving myself, except my insurance doesnt pay enough lol.

Anyways. We got our market analysis back from one Realtor, waiting on the slow poke other one. It wasnt as bad or as good as we hoped but we know that with the finishing of some projects we possibly might make some money off this property. Which we've already done that over the years. It will be sad to see this home go cause there has been alot of things we have been through and see happen in this house. 8 years in one place. At this rate we have no idea if we will be Bville anytime soon or if we will slow play it and wait.

Im not gonna stress, I'm enrolling Braden in Ponca Schools since I dont know if we will be gone or not.

Right now we have been considering staying in ponca lol, we know we can get more out of our budget if we buy in ponca since the market is crappy. its hard to pay alot of not much over in bartlesville. It is such a challenge to find exactly what we are wanting anyhow.

My brother is moving to the Virgin Islands, St. Croix.... i know.... i hate him too LOL. I do hope that means I can visit someday LOL, when im not pregnant and might not mind being in a swimsuit. Oh yeah and when i can leave my kids at home. LOL. Anyways big changes on the horizon for my parents with both kids leaving ponca within months of each other. Not sure how they will handle that.

I will post on Friday and have photos. I finally figured out how to tether my Andriod phone to my laptop so I can get on the net when we are out of town. We are headed to Eufaulla this weekend so Brant can help on a project. It can be boring for me while I'm there, and being pregnant makes it even more boring so I was so tickled when I found a free app that would connect my phone/laptop. GOOOO ME.