Wednesday, April 30, 2008

what a crazy few days

So this weekend we went to Lake Eufaula to spend time with Family. We went and rode 4 wheelers at the Dam, which was such a blast (Thanks Brock). Parker got his first sucker this weekend and loved every minute of it (pictures to follow). We all got a cold too. So we are snotty and cranky.

(Braden and Uncle Brock)

(Uncle Brock and GF Stephanie)
Tonight as I was loading the car to go to New Beginnings, some total jerk stole my wallet out of the car. I'm so in shock over the whole thing. Glad I had no money. But ticked off they got my new wallet that I got for Christmas - it was the ONE thing I asked for. Turkey's.
Church went great tonight - the girls all came prepared and had such sweet spirits. Here is a group photo that the girls will get on Sunday, since I didn't have my wallet and didn't have time since I was dealing with credit card companies and the police. Each girl did get an individual photo of just themselves tonight.

Brant has to work extra days this week because of a co-worker's illness, so I have a list of things I will try to get done without him here. WOW I'm so not in the mood to go get my drivers license again! All cards are on order... so I guess for Mothers Day - readers... I need a wallet LOL -

Thursday, April 24, 2008


This morning I got up from a wonderful night of Oklahoma Thunderstorms and realized I only had one more diaper for Braden. So we ventured out to Wal-mart. While shopping I realized the boys looked rather shabby! They needed a haircut ... why is it that anytime you need one the Barber isn't in for the day. SO we went to a local Snip and Clip and I'm not too impressed but its hair it will grow back. They look better... just not exactly what I asked for.

Here is a snapshot before nap time!

I've been on a search for my copy of my patriarchal blessing I was needing to remind myself of some of the things that were said. Wow I forgot a lot! Amazing that the one thing that I've been struggling with is in my blessing. Contention in my home. So I'm gonna work on this. Today I've raised my voice about 50% less, ha ha. Its a start. I'm making an effort and that is what is important!
Tonight is Enrichment - Relief Society Birthday Bash! I'm just looking forward to adult interaction!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Parker took Three Steps!

Brant just got home from work and sat down to work with parker... Parker has been standing on his own for a few weeks now...
Tonight Parker took Three Unassissted Steps.... He's such a big boy - would of taken a video but our living area looks like a tornado hit it - a tornado named BRADEN =)...

I'm sure in the next few days I'll get it on film!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Just another week...

wow it has flown by, sorry i havent been updating the blog, it is always something. Since conference we've had mutual, stake camp day, mutual, and lots of refi shopping.

We are currently trying to make our lives easier by getting rid of all our debt other than the house. We got some good news from a local bank this afternoon so we are totally pumped about the possibility of peace of mind. Especially with the economy the way it is.

I am so happy Spring has arrived. I have to get out and cut back some shrubs and rake out our flower beds so my daisy's can be seen =-). Oklahoma is getting alot of rain again this year, sure hope it stops, the lakes are very high, which means our fun at the lake will be hampered yet again.

Can I just tell you all how awesome these blogs are, I have reconnected with so many people and it really is a blessing. The internet can be used for such great things! If anyone reading this wants to make one and is just stuck, please ask me I am more than happy to help get one set up for ya.

Here is a photo of Parker from yesterday - he was rather tired.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

General Conference

In all my 30 years I have never once felt so lifted up by the 8 hours of splendid, inspired, talks and music of this General Conference.
I had prayed last week that I would be able to hear the messages that were prepared for me. I could feel the spirit in each Talk.
Friday night we made adorable General Conference notebooks... (picture and how to; will be uploaded soon) I will study the notes I took till the conference Ensign is available - Then I cant wait to dive even deeper into these words. I have three of the four sessions on DVR - I plan on watching them again, I cant describe why this Conference seemed different to me. Maybe it was because for the first time in my life I truly needed to hear something. Prayer works! Now lets see if my works can direct me to the goals I have set for me.

There is no doubt to me that Thomas S. Monson is the living prophet of Gods Church. Through conference I have realized that my heart needs to be softened. There are many things that I must work on. There are things that I must just let go. There are times when instead of bringing myself to the brink, I must kneel in prayer and ask for direction and comfort. I hope that because of the words that seemed prepared for me I will become a better person. A person worthy of the Love that He has for me. I am comforted to know that everyone must struggle through their lives, no one has a perfect life, we all have trials.
The quote from Prophet Hinckley "In all of living have much of fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed not just endured." has now become my MOTO.
I feel so blessed to witness Thomas S. Monson as Prophet of our church. I feel great things will continue to happen in this Church.
I'm so thankful for my many blessings! I am thankful that I was able to listen to each talk and was able to learn so much in two days!

Okay so I just published this and then went to and low and behold this article ( . Im just touched at this moment. That talk President Monson gave - it touched me too, I'm glad that others were touched too!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Parker is 9 months

Today Parker went for his 9 month well baby check up. No Shots today YEAH YEAH YEAH.

Parker is 28 inches long, 20 lbs 5.5oz's and has an 18 inch noggin and Doctors words - just as cute and healthy as can be. He did take a moment to explain to me that sometimes you just cant feel the soft spots and he felt that Parkers head looked better anyhow - my personal opinion... he is goofy the child looks the same to me. OH WELL. He is healthy and doing everything he is supposed to be doing. Today he walked with my assistances... he had been bucking that... wouldnt ever make the step - it always ended with me dragging the little one.

Parker is now "average" ... he went from over the 100 percentile at birth ( I swear that child was overdue) to now at 9 months right at 50 percentile for weight and alittle under 50 percentile for height. He seems so much smaller and lighter than Braden. I was going to look it up prior to making this blog but didnt get a chance... but if my memory serves me correctly Braden was close to 23 pounds... maybe alittle more... but he seemed so much more heafty. I'll have to find my records and let you all know how much difference there is with the boys.

Parker at 9 months

Braden at 9 months

What a week!

Wow ever have a week that you just wish you didnt have? Well we've had one of those weeks.
It started on Thursday March 27th 2008, we had went down to Oklahoma City to visit family, get some used tires for our car and get some rock candy for some invites to New Beginnings. We had a pretty good beginning but suddenly while trying to get up to speed on one of the highways our Transmission in the pick-up broke. JOY! Brant has made some modifications to it and in his terms "when you add power it will always find your weakest link" and BINGO the TRANSMISSION was the weak link... yuck I get sick just thinking about it.

We were blessed that Brants family had a vehicle we could take back to Ponca City, Brant had to be at work Friday. Thank you so much! Of course I got the third degree about changing vehicles so often... So needless to say we struggled through the weekend not knowing what we were going to do and wondering where the money would come from to do a new transmission.
We settled on doing one from a salvage yard, still depleated our house fund, so that bites but we have to have the truck running.

Brant has been working on the car too, he has taken it apart a good 6 times this week trying to get the axle in, each time he would think it would be in he would put things back together, start the car, put it in gear and pop it would pop back out. Today probably in a fit of anger he got it in. SO two blessings, truck was drove over to Brants parents without an issue and Brant drove the car to work without issue. Can you say BLESSINGS!

Brant is taking out for the weekend, to mingle with Truck owners down in Dallas. I will be at a slumber party for the YW. We are going to be decorating "Conference" notebooks, basically taking a regular notebook and modge podging scrapbook stuff on the cover. So my poor mother and father will have the boys for a night! SCARY - I'll only be about a block and half from them so I am sure I will hear her scream if they drive her batty. I wouldnt be too shocked if at 2 am she doesnt show up and hand them to me!

Anyways - brant works for the next week - but then has his 7 days off so hopefully the floors will be stained and finished so we can sit on our rears waiting for it to cure. I still need to paint a stripe on the boys walls, oh and we need to go pick up the bunk, trundle, twins beds from Brants Grandmothers property, I hear they might need some tlc so braden might not get to sleep in them right away.

I am so thankful for the blessings I have in my life right now. Life is frustrating sometimes. There are times when it feels like nothing is going right. But in those calm moments when you know sometimes it is out of your hands that there is a peace that can overcome you and you realize that there is someONE there to help. I am so thankful for those moments, I need to quiet my life and listen closer to those moments.

I am really looking forward to Conference! I am so excited to witness our Prophet being substained! I'm looking forward to the messages that I know have been prepared for each of us. I will be DVR'ing them so that I can actually pay attention to them or pause them if something drastic happens.