Sunday, April 6, 2008

General Conference

In all my 30 years I have never once felt so lifted up by the 8 hours of splendid, inspired, talks and music of this General Conference.
I had prayed last week that I would be able to hear the messages that were prepared for me. I could feel the spirit in each Talk.
Friday night we made adorable General Conference notebooks... (picture and how to; will be uploaded soon) I will study the notes I took till the conference Ensign is available - Then I cant wait to dive even deeper into these words. I have three of the four sessions on DVR - I plan on watching them again, I cant describe why this Conference seemed different to me. Maybe it was because for the first time in my life I truly needed to hear something. Prayer works! Now lets see if my works can direct me to the goals I have set for me.

There is no doubt to me that Thomas S. Monson is the living prophet of Gods Church. Through conference I have realized that my heart needs to be softened. There are many things that I must work on. There are things that I must just let go. There are times when instead of bringing myself to the brink, I must kneel in prayer and ask for direction and comfort. I hope that because of the words that seemed prepared for me I will become a better person. A person worthy of the Love that He has for me. I am comforted to know that everyone must struggle through their lives, no one has a perfect life, we all have trials.
The quote from Prophet Hinckley "In all of living have much of fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed not just endured." has now become my MOTO.
I feel so blessed to witness Thomas S. Monson as Prophet of our church. I feel great things will continue to happen in this Church.
I'm so thankful for my many blessings! I am thankful that I was able to listen to each talk and was able to learn so much in two days!

Okay so I just published this and then went to and low and behold this article ( . Im just touched at this moment. That talk President Monson gave - it touched me too, I'm glad that others were touched too!


Susie said...

Jill, you are so amazing. You have always been such a great example to others. Thank you for sharing your testimony and being the sweet, kind, powerful woman that you are.

Kendra said...

I love Conference too! It's such a great time to get spiritually rejuvenated!

The Smith's said...

Jill, We are from Idaho but moved from Denver. I am glad you wrote back. I am very bored here. It's hard for me to make friends. You might have to help me get more into the digatal scrapbooking.