Thursday, April 3, 2008

What a week!

Wow ever have a week that you just wish you didnt have? Well we've had one of those weeks.
It started on Thursday March 27th 2008, we had went down to Oklahoma City to visit family, get some used tires for our car and get some rock candy for some invites to New Beginnings. We had a pretty good beginning but suddenly while trying to get up to speed on one of the highways our Transmission in the pick-up broke. JOY! Brant has made some modifications to it and in his terms "when you add power it will always find your weakest link" and BINGO the TRANSMISSION was the weak link... yuck I get sick just thinking about it.

We were blessed that Brants family had a vehicle we could take back to Ponca City, Brant had to be at work Friday. Thank you so much! Of course I got the third degree about changing vehicles so often... So needless to say we struggled through the weekend not knowing what we were going to do and wondering where the money would come from to do a new transmission.
We settled on doing one from a salvage yard, still depleated our house fund, so that bites but we have to have the truck running.

Brant has been working on the car too, he has taken it apart a good 6 times this week trying to get the axle in, each time he would think it would be in he would put things back together, start the car, put it in gear and pop it would pop back out. Today probably in a fit of anger he got it in. SO two blessings, truck was drove over to Brants parents without an issue and Brant drove the car to work without issue. Can you say BLESSINGS!

Brant is taking out for the weekend, to mingle with Truck owners down in Dallas. I will be at a slumber party for the YW. We are going to be decorating "Conference" notebooks, basically taking a regular notebook and modge podging scrapbook stuff on the cover. So my poor mother and father will have the boys for a night! SCARY - I'll only be about a block and half from them so I am sure I will hear her scream if they drive her batty. I wouldnt be too shocked if at 2 am she doesnt show up and hand them to me!

Anyways - brant works for the next week - but then has his 7 days off so hopefully the floors will be stained and finished so we can sit on our rears waiting for it to cure. I still need to paint a stripe on the boys walls, oh and we need to go pick up the bunk, trundle, twins beds from Brants Grandmothers property, I hear they might need some tlc so braden might not get to sleep in them right away.

I am so thankful for the blessings I have in my life right now. Life is frustrating sometimes. There are times when it feels like nothing is going right. But in those calm moments when you know sometimes it is out of your hands that there is a peace that can overcome you and you realize that there is someONE there to help. I am so thankful for those moments, I need to quiet my life and listen closer to those moments.

I am really looking forward to Conference! I am so excited to witness our Prophet being substained! I'm looking forward to the messages that I know have been prepared for each of us. I will be DVR'ing them so that I can actually pay attention to them or pause them if something drastic happens.

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