Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Someone Tell me PLEASE

Someone tell me please what goes through the head of a 2 year old?
Braden is going through something that I hope he snaps out of ! Started last night, (okay it really started a long time ago but the past two days have been all mommy can take) I noticed the dogs were acting funny in the dining room or known while we redo the upstairs as Braden's room - I passed through to go check on the laundry and noticed Braden had gotten onto the stove and gotten the left over pork chop from dinner and placed it in his bed.

I chuckled and put it back up.

This morning started early, Parker has a cold and wasn't breathing well so I got up around 6 and went to the couch with him to help him breathe. So needless to say when Braden got up i was totally out of it. I was busy doing something on the laptop, heard Parker getting fussy on the floor so I went to sit the laptop down and VIOLA - this is what I found.

Parker has had some kind of irritation ever since we went to size three pampers - if you don't know it goes from swaddlers (real soft) to cruisers - for the more active child. Anyways his bum has been red but not like a diaper rash and his lower tummy has also looked the same way. Last night I thought - I'll put powder on it so it wont rub... (BTW if anyone knows of a disposable diaper for sensitive skin let me know) - in my mommy stupor I didn't put the powder up.

Yes that is a whole container of portable baby powder.

Ahhh it gets better.
About 40 minutes later I notice it has been quiet and that I haven't seen Braden - I knew he went into the bedroom - but I hadn't heard Brant yell - (Brant is on nights this week) - so I proceeded to go in their to find him Naked in the bathroom - smearing travel sized hair conditioner all over himself. Not sure why he was naked but COME ON!

I'm thinking about installing cameras in all the rooms - he is rather hard to keep track of all the time. Specially with a semi mobile 7 month old to watch.

I never had to worry about Braden and small toys - since we didn't have any. I didn't think Braden had many small toys now - none that I would consider small - but I have found out that Parker as a typical baby will do - puts everything INCLUDING - Mr. Potato heads ears in his mouth - luckily it didn't make it to the throat but it did gag him! So great ONE MORE thing to worry about.

Someone give me a Valium

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Just another day..

(Parker and Braden laughing at Daddy - Braden had been drinking some kool aide - wow talk about staining)
Just another day at the Garrison home - Brant finished the primer and got the two room ceilings done today - Braden followed him upstairs and proceeded to roll around on the dusty white floors - he was pretty much covered - head to toes... with some paint sprinkled on him - i dont even want to know how that happened.

(This is the face parker makes all the time - not sure what it really means)

Parker is growing up so fast - I was looking at the photos a minute ago and he looks alot older than 7 months! Braden is starting to really form sentences - i've seen an explosion of vocab - alot of it is hard to pick up on - other times he will say it clear as day -
Today he was being sassy - he seems to do this real well - He had came downstairs for me to fill his WOOODDIEEEE cup up so I did and sent him back up the stairs with his father - I hear brant laughing - he came down stairs to tell me his story -
He asked Braden if he got himself a drink - braden rattled something off in his own language that is rather comical - brant said I didnt understand that - then braden proceeded to say "I said YES" in a very sassy - i cant believe you didnt understand me tone - brant proceeded to repeat it and he said YES - like COME ON DAD get it together.

(Parker amused by daddy - i couldnt get him to look at me for anything)

It has been amusing to see him use his voice - he is rather comical without words so words have been extra entertainment for us -

Parker is creeping - he cant figure out how to get up on his knees but that doesnt seem to hamper him at the moment - he doesnt go to far - and doesnt enjoy being on his tummy after a while but he is trying...
I let him stand up against the foot stool last night - he did pretty good - he likes to get on his tip toes.... cant seem to flatten those feet - oh well - I wouldnt mind the child walking early - cause he is rather heavy to carry around - but then again - not to take anything away from braden as a baby - but parker is so fun to have around - the warmth of his smile and of course the attention that he loves to get from his mommy is just addicting to me.
(this was as close as I got, paker glaced at me)
I read these before I had parker - i thought i would share them with ya all -

Braden is a Scorpio
The Scorpio Personality
Your child the "scorpion" likes to live in a world of truths. A Scorpio child likes to visualize the completion and realization of his mental and physical efforts. He or she has an inner vision of the soul that can see beyond illusion. Scorpios tend to be secretive, and others must earn their trust. Scorpio children are noted for their effervescent humor and their attractiveness; these children are the most magnetic of all the children of the zodiac, often attracting the admiration of the opposite sex. They are quick and restless and tireless workers.
Because of their great energy and force, Scorpios should be taught the difference between constructive and destructive power.(we are working on this as we speak) They should be taught self-mastery and be given careful direction so their tremendous energy and drive is channeled into creative activity. These children should also be taught early in life that as they show understanding, so will understanding and compassion be shown to them.
The Scorpio child is talented in promotion activities, writing, designing, modeling, and acting.
Parker is a Cancer
The Cancer Personality
If your child is born in Cancer (also known as Moon Child), he or she has a sentimental and versatile nature and a constructive imagination. Cancer is sympathetic and talkative, loves home and family, and has a tenacious memory-especially for details and historical events. The Cancer child appreciates praise and is encouraged by kindness. This child will delight in beautiful scenery, romantic settings, and new adventures.
Cancer children appear retiring but are positive, tenacious, and love to be noticed while appearing to be unassuming. They are not averse to fame, even though they can sometimes be shy. Your Cancer child will be fond of older persons, ancient customs, and things connected with the past that have sentimental value. The Cancer child often has a bright, alert face.
These imaginative, impressionable children make many changes in their lives until they find the position or occupation where they feel self-assured, well integrated, and appreciated. Their greatest attribute is the love of their home. They can turn anything into a beautiful environment. They love to travel and are particularly found of the sea.
Cancers are most compatible with Pisces and Scorpio.
(I took this earlier in the day - after we had some sweet potatoes - he looks so old in this photo - he had a good time today playing on the floor with his toys - he can entertain himself for about an hour - as long as i am in the room - if he see's my back going out of the room then he lets it rip! )

I'm sure i could read another horoscope and find things that are spot on but in reading these i both thought BINGO my kids - it amazes me daily - two kids - two different personalities.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bag tag!

Okay so miss Melanie G decided to tag me - so at first I was like I only carry a diaper bag - then I was like no - last week you got your red purse out to match your new red shoes for church - I kid you not I was searching for things to put in the bag last week - I had cut back so much cause of space in the diaper bag - Listing all this out makes me feel like a total clutter bug - THANKS MEL!

First Compartment
Paint Chip - Boys Room
Paint Chip - Master Bedroom
Printed directions to Edwards Rally for last Friday night
Two Walmart Receipts
Meal Plan for last week's groceries
Dead Cell Phone
Wall charger (we were traveling this weekend)
Two wadded up paper napkins

Center Compartment
Roll N' Shine Watermelon lip gloss
Dr. Pepper and Crush (separate) lip gloss
Rimmel Twist and Shine Lip Polish (thats what they call it) - Color "Feel the Vibe"
Packaged of Soft Chew Rolaids
Open Package of Yogos Bits - Island Explosion
Safe Deposit Key
USB Memory Stick
Dissolving Children's Ibuprofen
Sun glass Attachment for Glasses

Side Compartment
Burp Rag
Three Receipts
One appointment card
four pens
one scripture pencil
one green lolly pop - hidden from Braden from the bank.

Okay so first I did the diaper bag and I had no idea what I had in it lol, so I dumped it out. Took a photo so I would know everything.

Diaper Bag -
Plastic Bag with Diapers for both boys
Plastic Bag with wipes
Burp Rag
Two Formula containers
Two packages of Honey Graham Crackers
Yogos Bits
Teething toy
Kool aide like drink
Two travel size baby powders
Container of teddy grahams
Two containers of Baby Food
Four Pens
Book Marker
Lip Gloss
Bottle Lid
Crochet Book
Two Decorating Magazines
Changing Mat

Anyone that knows me knows that I have a major addiction to purses, shoes and underwear - I'm sure that is too much information. Anyways- I have bought maybe two purses in two years which is scary and depressing for this addicted purse lover!
I really want to make myself a tote like bag... all pretty - and maybe one day when I have the know how I'll do it! They cant be that hard!

Ahhh now to tag someone..... Lets find out what the bag lady - Kylie Godberson , Emily Glasglow and Sarah Heiner all have in their "Bags" - Your it ladies.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Our Weekend...

As many know I'm pretty politically active, Friday night John Edwards, who I've supported since 2002 was in OKC. We traveled down to be apart of this rally. It was packed! Overflow stood outside. He gave a great speech, really inspired alot of first timers there around us. It always feels good to be apart of things like this.

Saturday we went to Tulsa (yes we were all over the state) to celebrate a Friends birthday. He had a big brush pile from the ice storm they were hit with a month prior. It was freakin' cold outside. Myself and another girl huddled by the gas heater in the shop, and then kept getting closer and closer to the fire.
Here is a snap of the bonfire!

I think I had Parker alittle too close to fire - this sure looks like a sunburn - i dont think he minded since it was so blooming cold! We came home and put some EDAP on it and all is well.

We had a good weekend - got to see family in OKC, John Edwards, and then Friends in Sandsprings. What else could ya ask for?
I know I could ask for WARM WEATHER - weather man says we will be in the 50's saturday - I can say this much - it cant come fast enough.

Hope everyone is well and warm!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I wanted to do something...

for a friend from High School - she just had a little boy - so I decided that I could make her an announcement she could email - plus send to walgreens or walmart to get printed off in a 4x6

would love opinions on this...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

for a second....

I wasn't paying attention, for a second and viola this is what I find looking at me.
Last night while I was making the shopping list out I forgot to put up my ink pen.

Little Mister Garrison found it.

And proceeded to suck and bite on it.... what really goes through a two year old's mind?

I went to wash him off immediately and thought wait NO PICTURE time!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Parker is Fine!

Parker Wayne Garrison - Jan 15th 2008 - Sitting Pretty

My beautiful wide, flat headed baby is just FINE! Just got a call from the doctors office and they said he is just fine. I asked if his soft spots were grown together, she then said doctor said he is just fine and anything shape wise will correct itself, nothing more is needed on the subject!

As soon as we got off the phone, a feeling of such relief came over me. I knew in my heart he was fine. My mind on the other hand, I just couldnt turn off the thoughts! I knew the course of action if he did have an issue, i just didnt want the poor guy to go through that, since here in another 6 months he has to go through his circumcision again! OUCH. I am so very thankful at this moment.

Thank you all for the words of encouragement and stories on those that you knew with similar issues! They all helped beyond words. They were a comfort to me when my thoughts would run away from me.

I took some photos today here ya go. I have to say I think I need to sign Parker up for an eye modeling job - they are so darn pretty.

Braden saying CHEESE - he put the hat on himself. We dont "G" it up around here.
Monkey See Monkey Do!
I asked Braden to be soft! This resulted in a sweet photo.

Monday, January 14, 2008

New Page for the Scrapbooks

So one of my goals for the first half of the year is to create scrapbook pages for the boys - I am first doing them soley digital and then will send them off to be printed and bound at the end of the year.
I am doing one for each boy for each year. So I have alot of work to do to get caught up with Braden. I have found some really fun papers and embleshments that I want so I kinda dragging my feet on some of the pages since I want to use that. Next month I hope to be able to purchase several of the items that I want.

Still no news

Just updating - NOTHING new - I called again this afternoon and the receptionist said that Doctor personally called over there last week wanting them and they still as of Monday now exactly a week have not even read them. So now what? I cant gripe about my doctor, seems that he is at the ransom of the Hospital. Now I'm at the mercy of our over priced hosptial! JOY.
In other news - joined Facebook today - much more private of a site - guess that is good - not for nosey people like myself - I like myspace more since you can make your page look pretty - but I'll keep my facebook going so that I can keep up with those that dont have blogs, websites or myspace pages.
I was going to post links to some of the peoples pages then I thought what is the use you have to be a MEMBER if you want to view their pages! But I found alot of cool people from my past. It is aways so awesome to catch up with people. I truly feel blessed for those people that have been apart of my life, in whatever capacity they were, there are very few people in my life that I dont still consider friends or care to hear what is happening in their lives!

No new photos - I need to get some of Braden - maybe tomorrow - we are going to be getting a cold snap for the next two weeks - YUCK - I was really enjoying the spring like weather -

We are almost done painting upstairs we have one wall left to primer in the master - Brant has his long change (off for 7 days) coming up on Friday, we we plan on getting the bedroom done and then renting the sanding machine so that we can refinish the floors - Looks like Feb 1 might be obtainable - wow how awesome will that be!
I will be throwing a re-house warming party - so look for the invite that will be posted here - surely i dont have freaky people reading this that might show up? ha ha ha

Thursday, January 10, 2008

No News!

Well Ladies and Gent's I'll apologize right now cause I am not impressed right now with my Pediatrician. Not one bit. After this episode is over I will be cruising for a new one. To order CT Scans on an Infant in my opinion is not something just to read or received whenever, I would think it would be a priority. CT Scans were done Monday, as of Thursday evening, they are telling they havent not been processed or read. So they dont have any information to share and will CONTACT ME when they do.
I proceeded to say I sure didnt like I was going to have to go through yet another weekend not knowing what might be going on with my infant.
She then proceeded to tell me that Doctor might get them in this weekend and if there is something important to tell me he would call me. So no news is good news. What a JOKE.
So needless to say I know nothing more than I did Wednesday last week - other than my doctor feels like he might have a wide flat head.

Here are a few links I could find the first one I found tonight and it made me feel so much better knowing that sometimes the opening harden overs with like a cartilage of sort - and that it is still able to expand.
The second was a link I found last week and in comparison to my child's head I have a hard time seeing how he thinks this is what is happening to my child.

Look at these teeth! Braden didnt get his bottom two till he was 9 months! It is so nice to know the drooling is getting us somewhere!

My Happy Baby!

looking cute...

is so hard.

Well thought I would update and share photos from today!
Braden is picking up his disaster of a mess so that we can read a story and go to bed!
Mommy needs a break!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

CT Scan

Yesterday we went to the hospital to get Parkers skull scanned. He was a trooper, didn't cause that much of a fuss being forced in the head holder. I was surprised he did so well. He does not like to be forced to lay anywhere. I did not hear from the doctors today but will be calling tomorrow afternoon to see if he has read the results. Will keep you all updated as soon as I find out something.

BTW I'm editing this post as of 01-15-08 - just making a note PARKER rolled over this day! Tummy to Back.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Crazy Monkey Dance

Braden literally makes me die laughing every time the Backyardagins come on TV. He has developed some interesting dance moves in trying to imitate them.
Here is a video I caught of him and some photos of Parker with his first graham cracker.

I tried puffs with him one night and he scared me with this choking episode so i was alittle worried about giving it to him but he is so disinterested in baby food and only interested in what goes into my mouth that I thought what the heck - Surely it will be mushy before it enters his throat! Not sure any really entered his mouth and stayed there... but he enjoyed chewing on it. Brant noticed last night while letting him chew on his finger that we have a tooth that broke through! Braden didnt have one till he was 9 months and walking. I wasnt expecting it!

Braden got this truck from Nana and Papa Garrison for his birthday and I have been wanting to put Parker in it from day one but I didnt want to do it till i knew he could sit up SO FREAKING CUTE.

Chewing on one of Bradens play socket wrenches.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

6 month Check Up

Wow how time flies when your insane! I can not believe Parker is already 6 months (on Christmas). Everything is happening so fast this time around. I couldnt wait for certain stages with Braden and now with Parker I dont want him to grow up. He is such an adorable baby. So pleasant to be around. (not that Braden isnt)
Today was Parkers 6 month check up it went good I suppose. I think my doctor is an alarmist or takes a bunch of precautions, who knows. So here is how the visit went (actually less than an HOUR this time). He is 26 inches long, 18 lbs 8 oz's and has like a 17 inch noggin. I dont think his head is funny looking but doctor commented last time he had a flat head... I explained to him then that they child does not want to roll over and hates tummy time so he is on his back all the time. When he isnt being held which isnt that often.
So anyways today he commented again about the shape of his head... and I looked at him and said what about his head? He kinda backed down probably cause I sounded insulted. He explained to me he couldnt feel his soft spots, so JOY now we have to go do a cat scan - to see if the soft spots are closed, now here is the kicker - I said so what happens if it is closed - he said well they might want to do surgery or they might just want to wait and see - that alot of times after the kid is mobile the shape changes and goes back to normal blah blah - so Basically your going to make this baby go do a test that probably wont make a difference - but do it anyhow cause even though his head is growing normally - i think it is funny looking...
ARGH - His head is shaped like mine - a heart - wide forehead and narrows to his chin - no one has ever said he has a funny looking head shape STRANGE STRANGE.
Oh well I'll go do the test cause it is free with our insurance. But I hope everything goes well and he will sleep through the darn cat scan.

Other than rolling over - which the child refuses to do. He will go to his side but wont go any further we are on track - the more I read about rolling over the more I just don't care if he does it or not. What I read is it is not one of those skills a child must do in order to progress to another step. He will figure it out. I saw him creeping the other day when I had him on the floor with his toys. So I wouldn't be shocked if he starts crawling this month - granted that would mean I would have to put him down more than I do.

Here are photos from Monday, December 31, 2007 - I took these after I cut his comb over off and sniped his fly aways from his sides... I noticed several at the doctors that I still need to get.
I need to write myself a reminder.

Enjoy the photos of my flat headed baby - who I think is adorable anyhow.

Scrapbooking Challenge 01-03-08

Okay so today I logged on to see what the challenge was for today - It was to use One Photo Three Papers and Eight Embellishments - (todays date)
So I have been neglecting myself in my attempts at this digital scrapbooking so I used my photo from September.
Guess I'll have to do a Hubby page next. He will just love that.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Years!

So last night I wanted to send everyone a Happy New Year message - I'm totally hooked on this digital scrapbooking. So I made a card.

This was all created using FREE (yes FREE) kit I found at, http://raspberryroaddesigns.blogspot.com/

Parkers Christmas Page - Challenge

So in trying to learn digital scrapbooking I joined a messageboard at http://www.scrapgirls.com, they are a very nice group of people. Each Monday they have a challenge. This Monday it was to do a Christmas Themed photo with NON Christmas paper and elements.