Thursday, January 10, 2008

No News!

Well Ladies and Gent's I'll apologize right now cause I am not impressed right now with my Pediatrician. Not one bit. After this episode is over I will be cruising for a new one. To order CT Scans on an Infant in my opinion is not something just to read or received whenever, I would think it would be a priority. CT Scans were done Monday, as of Thursday evening, they are telling they havent not been processed or read. So they dont have any information to share and will CONTACT ME when they do.
I proceeded to say I sure didnt like I was going to have to go through yet another weekend not knowing what might be going on with my infant.
She then proceeded to tell me that Doctor might get them in this weekend and if there is something important to tell me he would call me. So no news is good news. What a JOKE.
So needless to say I know nothing more than I did Wednesday last week - other than my doctor feels like he might have a wide flat head.

Here are a few links I could find the first one I found tonight and it made me feel so much better knowing that sometimes the opening harden overs with like a cartilage of sort - and that it is still able to expand.,,3q4n,00.html
The second was a link I found last week and in comparison to my child's head I have a hard time seeing how he thinks this is what is happening to my child.

Look at these teeth! Braden didnt get his bottom two till he was 9 months! It is so nice to know the drooling is getting us somewhere!

My Happy Baby!

looking cute...

is so hard.

Well thought I would update and share photos from today!
Braden is picking up his disaster of a mess so that we can read a story and go to bed!
Mommy needs a break!

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Melanie said...

SO frustrating...I'm sorry you still have to wait!