Monday, January 14, 2008

Still no news

Just updating - NOTHING new - I called again this afternoon and the receptionist said that Doctor personally called over there last week wanting them and they still as of Monday now exactly a week have not even read them. So now what? I cant gripe about my doctor, seems that he is at the ransom of the Hospital. Now I'm at the mercy of our over priced hosptial! JOY.
In other news - joined Facebook today - much more private of a site - guess that is good - not for nosey people like myself - I like myspace more since you can make your page look pretty - but I'll keep my facebook going so that I can keep up with those that dont have blogs, websites or myspace pages.
I was going to post links to some of the peoples pages then I thought what is the use you have to be a MEMBER if you want to view their pages! But I found alot of cool people from my past. It is aways so awesome to catch up with people. I truly feel blessed for those people that have been apart of my life, in whatever capacity they were, there are very few people in my life that I dont still consider friends or care to hear what is happening in their lives!

No new photos - I need to get some of Braden - maybe tomorrow - we are going to be getting a cold snap for the next two weeks - YUCK - I was really enjoying the spring like weather -

We are almost done painting upstairs we have one wall left to primer in the master - Brant has his long change (off for 7 days) coming up on Friday, we we plan on getting the bedroom done and then renting the sanding machine so that we can refinish the floors - Looks like Feb 1 might be obtainable - wow how awesome will that be!
I will be throwing a re-house warming party - so look for the invite that will be posted here - surely i dont have freaky people reading this that might show up? ha ha ha

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