Thursday, January 3, 2008

6 month Check Up

Wow how time flies when your insane! I can not believe Parker is already 6 months (on Christmas). Everything is happening so fast this time around. I couldnt wait for certain stages with Braden and now with Parker I dont want him to grow up. He is such an adorable baby. So pleasant to be around. (not that Braden isnt)
Today was Parkers 6 month check up it went good I suppose. I think my doctor is an alarmist or takes a bunch of precautions, who knows. So here is how the visit went (actually less than an HOUR this time). He is 26 inches long, 18 lbs 8 oz's and has like a 17 inch noggin. I dont think his head is funny looking but doctor commented last time he had a flat head... I explained to him then that they child does not want to roll over and hates tummy time so he is on his back all the time. When he isnt being held which isnt that often.
So anyways today he commented again about the shape of his head... and I looked at him and said what about his head? He kinda backed down probably cause I sounded insulted. He explained to me he couldnt feel his soft spots, so JOY now we have to go do a cat scan - to see if the soft spots are closed, now here is the kicker - I said so what happens if it is closed - he said well they might want to do surgery or they might just want to wait and see - that alot of times after the kid is mobile the shape changes and goes back to normal blah blah - so Basically your going to make this baby go do a test that probably wont make a difference - but do it anyhow cause even though his head is growing normally - i think it is funny looking...
ARGH - His head is shaped like mine - a heart - wide forehead and narrows to his chin - no one has ever said he has a funny looking head shape STRANGE STRANGE.
Oh well I'll go do the test cause it is free with our insurance. But I hope everything goes well and he will sleep through the darn cat scan.

Other than rolling over - which the child refuses to do. He will go to his side but wont go any further we are on track - the more I read about rolling over the more I just don't care if he does it or not. What I read is it is not one of those skills a child must do in order to progress to another step. He will figure it out. I saw him creeping the other day when I had him on the floor with his toys. So I wouldn't be shocked if he starts crawling this month - granted that would mean I would have to put him down more than I do.

Here are photos from Monday, December 31, 2007 - I took these after I cut his comb over off and sniped his fly aways from his sides... I noticed several at the doctors that I still need to get.
I need to write myself a reminder.

Enjoy the photos of my flat headed baby - who I think is adorable anyhow.


Pichinde said...

Meh. He's up in the night.

Trust your jungle mama. You'd know if something was wrong.

I think he's just gorgeous! Even now, trying to see it, I can't see a flat head or a funny shaped head. He's a beautiful baby.


Garrison Family said...

?who's up ??? Did you have the baby?

Pichinde said...

Not until February. Still nesting...

Garrison Family said...

Nesting - I didnt do it with braden really - but parker it hit hard.

Melanie said...

He IS adorable! I hope the cat scan goes well - doctor's advice can be frustrating. Cade who is exactly Parker's age isn't even remotely close to sitting by himself. They all grow at their own pace.

Aunt Debbie said...

Dont worrie he is doing fine he does everything that he should be he is a cuttie to me i dont see a flat head the doc is a flat head.

love ya

Laverne said...

Great Grandma Laverne says he is just perfect. The happiest baby I have seen in a long while. Everything will be fine.