Saturday, January 5, 2008

Crazy Monkey Dance

Braden literally makes me die laughing every time the Backyardagins come on TV. He has developed some interesting dance moves in trying to imitate them.
Here is a video I caught of him and some photos of Parker with his first graham cracker.

I tried puffs with him one night and he scared me with this choking episode so i was alittle worried about giving it to him but he is so disinterested in baby food and only interested in what goes into my mouth that I thought what the heck - Surely it will be mushy before it enters his throat! Not sure any really entered his mouth and stayed there... but he enjoyed chewing on it. Brant noticed last night while letting him chew on his finger that we have a tooth that broke through! Braden didnt have one till he was 9 months and walking. I wasnt expecting it!

Braden got this truck from Nana and Papa Garrison for his birthday and I have been wanting to put Parker in it from day one but I didnt want to do it till i knew he could sit up SO FREAKING CUTE.

Chewing on one of Bradens play socket wrenches.


Crystal Foy said...

your boys are so stinkin' cute and they are getting so big! And that video, of my gosh! That is adorable :)

Melanie said...

Cute dancing - that was priceless! And way to go on teething without even knowing it! That's always miserable with my kids.

Mandi said...

Too cute! Braden's dancing cracks me up! I suspect some subliminal stuff going on with the whole Backyardigans thing...Presli goes crazy when they come on as well! =o) Lovin' Parker in the truck ~ adorable boys!

Pichinde said...

Cute dancing! I'm with Melanie - no hiding when my girls are teething.

I love the Backyardigans. It's one of the few shows that doesn't drive me crazy.