Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bag tag!

Okay so miss Melanie G decided to tag me - so at first I was like I only carry a diaper bag - then I was like no - last week you got your red purse out to match your new red shoes for church - I kid you not I was searching for things to put in the bag last week - I had cut back so much cause of space in the diaper bag - Listing all this out makes me feel like a total clutter bug - THANKS MEL!

First Compartment
Paint Chip - Boys Room
Paint Chip - Master Bedroom
Printed directions to Edwards Rally for last Friday night
Two Walmart Receipts
Meal Plan for last week's groceries
Dead Cell Phone
Wall charger (we were traveling this weekend)
Two wadded up paper napkins

Center Compartment
Roll N' Shine Watermelon lip gloss
Dr. Pepper and Crush (separate) lip gloss
Rimmel Twist and Shine Lip Polish (thats what they call it) - Color "Feel the Vibe"
Packaged of Soft Chew Rolaids
Open Package of Yogos Bits - Island Explosion
Safe Deposit Key
USB Memory Stick
Dissolving Children's Ibuprofen
Sun glass Attachment for Glasses

Side Compartment
Burp Rag
Three Receipts
One appointment card
four pens
one scripture pencil
one green lolly pop - hidden from Braden from the bank.

Okay so first I did the diaper bag and I had no idea what I had in it lol, so I dumped it out. Took a photo so I would know everything.

Diaper Bag -
Plastic Bag with Diapers for both boys
Plastic Bag with wipes
Burp Rag
Two Formula containers
Two packages of Honey Graham Crackers
Yogos Bits
Teething toy
Kool aide like drink
Two travel size baby powders
Container of teddy grahams
Two containers of Baby Food
Four Pens
Book Marker
Lip Gloss
Bottle Lid
Crochet Book
Two Decorating Magazines
Changing Mat

Anyone that knows me knows that I have a major addiction to purses, shoes and underwear - I'm sure that is too much information. Anyways- I have bought maybe two purses in two years which is scary and depressing for this addicted purse lover!
I really want to make myself a tote like bag... all pretty - and maybe one day when I have the know how I'll do it! They cant be that hard!

Ahhh now to tag someone..... Lets find out what the bag lady - Kylie Godberson , Emily Glasglow and Sarah Heiner all have in their "Bags" - Your it ladies.

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Melanie said...

Wow...totally impressed you can fit all that stuff in a little space!