Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Someone Tell me PLEASE

Someone tell me please what goes through the head of a 2 year old?
Braden is going through something that I hope he snaps out of ! Started last night, (okay it really started a long time ago but the past two days have been all mommy can take) I noticed the dogs were acting funny in the dining room or known while we redo the upstairs as Braden's room - I passed through to go check on the laundry and noticed Braden had gotten onto the stove and gotten the left over pork chop from dinner and placed it in his bed.

I chuckled and put it back up.

This morning started early, Parker has a cold and wasn't breathing well so I got up around 6 and went to the couch with him to help him breathe. So needless to say when Braden got up i was totally out of it. I was busy doing something on the laptop, heard Parker getting fussy on the floor so I went to sit the laptop down and VIOLA - this is what I found.

Parker has had some kind of irritation ever since we went to size three pampers - if you don't know it goes from swaddlers (real soft) to cruisers - for the more active child. Anyways his bum has been red but not like a diaper rash and his lower tummy has also looked the same way. Last night I thought - I'll put powder on it so it wont rub... (BTW if anyone knows of a disposable diaper for sensitive skin let me know) - in my mommy stupor I didn't put the powder up.

Yes that is a whole container of portable baby powder.

Ahhh it gets better.
About 40 minutes later I notice it has been quiet and that I haven't seen Braden - I knew he went into the bedroom - but I hadn't heard Brant yell - (Brant is on nights this week) - so I proceeded to go in their to find him Naked in the bathroom - smearing travel sized hair conditioner all over himself. Not sure why he was naked but COME ON!

I'm thinking about installing cameras in all the rooms - he is rather hard to keep track of all the time. Specially with a semi mobile 7 month old to watch.

I never had to worry about Braden and small toys - since we didn't have any. I didn't think Braden had many small toys now - none that I would consider small - but I have found out that Parker as a typical baby will do - puts everything INCLUDING - Mr. Potato heads ears in his mouth - luckily it didn't make it to the throat but it did gag him! So great ONE MORE thing to worry about.

Someone give me a Valium


Anonymous said...

LOL Jill. I feel for you. My wife, Amy & I have a 4 year old (about to be 5 in April) and a 5 month old (also named Brayden!) My only words of encouragement are that sometimes they push you over the edge with the stunts they pull, but there again, if they didn't do what they do what would we have to laugh histerically about at a later time??? All I can tell you for sure, is reading your post definately brought a smile to my face, and definately good for a chuckle... Isn't it always easier to laugh at someone else's misfortune?? I know I've had my days, been there, done that, and not finished yet! Love the post!!!


Garrison Family said...

Hey shu873! Thanks - I am glad I could amuse so many people! Life with little ones is just that huh! Nah I wouldnt trade it... I just keep hoping Parker wont go through this all over again.

Tell your wife she needs to do a blog! And tell her myself and at least one other wife from Oklahoma will be at TS - so she can be around us. The wifes are what make the events awesome =-) didnt you know... it is not about the trucks!

Anonymous said...

I became an expert at the finger sweep and infant Heimlich with Ethan. He would put anything into his mouth! As for what they think… I am convinced their little brains work so fast they do not have one intelligible thought process, it is this flow of ideas that all make sense to them at the time. Probably Brayden went to the bathroom with the idea to shower like the big people do and got naked. Then forgot about the idea of actually getting wet and found the conditioner, which is similar to lotion... so he smeared it all over himself. Give him a few more minutes he probably would have then decided to go outside and sunbathe even though it is freezing. He would have only put on a jacket and shoes!