Sunday, September 28, 2008

What Vampire are You?

You Scored as Edward

You are edward. You fell in love with someone you knew you would put in danger but struggle to control yourself. You are very important to the people around you and if somethiing ever happened to your loved ones you would kill yourself

Monday, September 15, 2008

Fanasty and Reality...

Okay some have noticed and commented I wasnt all there this past week with my latest obsession of reading the Twilight Saga. I've landed back on earth and have resumed life. Contrary to some thoughts I did take some time to take photos the past week. Okay I took like three lol... not a typical week. But I took alot this past weekend so that should count for something.

Braden in his boots and his guitar rocking it out on his stage (bubba's excersauser) What a smile this boy has... girls watch out this one is a charmer that knows exactly how to get what he wants... Which leads me to the next photo. We have a group of friends from a diesel club we run. Saturday night we met to eat some good food and listen to a fellow members play some good music. It was a nice evening. A couple that was there has a two year old daughter (a week younger than Braden) that has alot of energy and thinks alot like a teenage lol...
This is her trying to get Braden to resume dancing with her. I might add that she stole his first kiss this past Saturday night and he then decided to test it out on his other friend Kasha as they left our house Sunday night. Kasha's daddy was not thrilled with this and I hear Kasha got a lecture. I'll be teaching Braden how to kiss a lady's hand. Got to keep his charm.

This is our friend Shawn - him and his gf Sheri moved to Oklahoma at the beginning of September, they are currently living in the garage apartment behind our home. Shawn loves RC toys, Brant Loves RC toys, Nick Loves RC Toys - well you get the picture... they've been alittle preoccupied with the trucks when the rain wasnt pouring to get Brant's and Nicks running. Sunday it was Sunny!!! So Brant, Shawn and another Nick went to the BMX track they put next to conoco this past spring and had some fun.
This is the toy. It keeps our kids and neighborhood kids entertained. Granted it brings out alittle more energy from the neighborhood kids then Brant appreciates.
After all the RC stuff was over. The Guys decided we were cooking. Shawn cooked some yummy bbq chicken on the grill. I cooked some herb potatoes and Sheri did some yummy green beans. It was a nice meal - oh and the boys got some sausages. Here they are at their lil table. (thanks again stockwells)
I told Brant to go get the particle board that he had and make us a table.... I guess he didnt hear me so he used a hood from a car that he was going to use to fix our maxima. Lovely huh? Hes a big dork - he wanted a photo of it too... so that shows how much more of a dork he can be some days.
Today myself, Sarah and Sheri decided to start walking. We had a nice walk. The boys came home and took a wonderfully long nap. Momma was so happy. I should of napped with them but I didn't. Too much to do, yet I didn't make it off the couch. I'm lazy!

During dinner I bribed Braden to finish all his food so he could have BUBBLES in his bath. He will do just about anything for his Bubbles. Both of the boys have so much fun during bath time. We got done picked up our toys (in our room) and then we said prayer. Tonight I thought I would try and get Braden to participate, I asked him what he was thankful for, not sure if he really understands "thankful" I tried to show him examples. I cut him off after he started naming all his toys one by one. I so love watching him learn things. Some things catch me off guard cause I don't expect or think of all the things he picks up on.

Parker is doing so well... he is a babbling dork, ornery, mean, loving, silly little boy. He entertains us so much. Braden loves him so much, feelings are mutual. They are so excited to see each other each morning or after naps. I love watching them hug and kiss it brightens my day.

So who is ready for Fall... I think I'm buying some mums this weekend.

As I end this post I wanted to share a quote from my addiction. I'm thinking about framing it. whatcha think?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Breaking Dawn

Okay so I'm finished with the saga. I must admit this.... I enjoyed this series tremendously. I've honestly never read something that made me bawl and laugh so much. I recommend these books, they are a fast read. I look forward to reading her Adult Novel to see if I enjoy her as much as I enjoyed this story line. I'm anxious for the movie to come out in November. I do know where I'll be that night =-)...
I'm thinking about reading them again they are that good.... My only complaint was in book 4 (this one) - I didn't like the change in the point of view... it threw me... (maybe I'm not smart enough) but it changed the story and to me it became very boring till things resumed.... thank goodness they resumed. I'm pleased with the ending, I think there could of been more "drama" at the end... but I'm at peace with the outcome.
So should I go a t-shirt and become a twilight groupie? Yes I know I'm already there minus the t-shirt. AHHHHH here's to some nights of sleep... My husband will be so pleased to know that the books are finished and he will have someone sleeping next to him each night until my next addiction (don't recommend any books just yet).

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Okay so I finished this at 5 am - in tears most of the night from reading.... Im hesitant over the 4th book because of all the crud that has been said about it - lots of people not liking it... getting upset.... I started it today ... around noon - so Im not too far into it but it making me really wonder what is going on.... Ahhhh I do need sleep tonight though so I am going to try and make it an early evening.
Still very excited about this saga of books... they are enjoyable.... im looking forward to the movie - the more photos of I've seen of the set and the cast while they are in character is making me like the "edward" in the movie more and more.... he grows on you and then becomes part of my thoughts lol... bad bad bad bad.....

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Moon

Okay "New Moon" finished - I kid you not I feel like I'm watching a long long movie - i cant get mental pictures out of my head and I cant stop reading - mom picked up the two other books tonight incase they all disappeared... cause I would go crazy if I couldnt finish this series this week LOL...

I feel like I'm back in high school experiencing my first love again - and how similar my story is too Bella! (okay i didnt date a vampire LOL) but personalities are striking....... anyways... ADDICTED I tell ya - my husband has been begging for me to actually come to the bedroom with him each night - I just cant do it... I cant give up ... Bella, Edward, Jacob........... oh my stars cant wait to start "Eclipse" tonight!

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Yes I've joined the bandwagon - and I'm hooked - I went to get book number two - and Walmart and Hastings were out - i will check the lil book store in the AM and then head to to get my copy here by tuesday... of course like a dork I read the first chapter at the end of Twilight and yeah i need to know what is going on immediately lol...
My friend Sarah is reading Twilight this week while she is in Denver -
So Edward is now my favorite non human person at the moment - I compare every male to him ... I've been teasing my husband... for example.
Lastnight I got hungry while finishing the book so I thought oh I have a little party pizza I'll go bake that... I preheat the oven... start smelling something and low and behold I had a fire in the oven... I didnt know if it was grease or not so I threw flour on it just incase. Now if my husband was more like Edward he would of been there as soon as the fire caught on.. he would of swooped me up placed me outside and stopped the fire... then probably have one of his siblings clean my oven... Instead my husband slept through the smoke... and wondered in his slumber what his wife was cooking downstairs.

Is it silly to be this wrapped up in a Young Adult book? Is it silly to be giddy about seeing the cast members on the MTV awards tonight?
Yes Yes Yes I know... very silly

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A touch of fall

Well Tuesday this week brought fall like weather, rainy and cold. I took the boys to the store with me Tuesday and as we were looking for church shoes, Braden spotted the cowboy boots. His friend Kasha Bear has a pair of red ones and Braden felt he needed "boy boots" - Wednesday he sat around in his diaper and boots all morning till dad got home and we needed to take him back to work (brant needs to work on the car and doesnt want me driving while it is kinda messed up) so I got the boys dressed.... They got their hair cut the other day too so as I was leaving for Church Wednesday night I asked brant to get some photos of the boys.... well one turned out okay =-)... All of the ones of Parker he had a DIRTY DIRTY face... so those arent going on the blog - I'm gonna try and get some more photos this weekend. Not sure what we are doing... I know we are going to Alva Oklahoma Friday, We should venture to the city to pick up the bunk beds.... we should clean out the play room and start laying the floor so I dont have to look at as many toys downstairs as there are...... there is always SOMETHING to do... I know what I want to do... SLEEP -
We've been working on potty training and I am just not sure he is ready yet... he show signs of it... but then obvious signs he isnt ready ---- I think we might try the whole NO TV NO NOTHING and just keep pouring water down him and taking him over and over to the potty - We've started a coin give for going number 1 and number 2 - he gets to put money in his piggy bank... he loves doing this but he thinks sitting on the toilet grunting is going potty (wonder where he learned that at) .... Oh well I'm stressing about it... I really want him out of diapers... but Im not going to fight it all day to just get frustrated and make both of us annoyed with the whole process... It will happen... I'm sure soon ... but we are going to take it semi slow so that we dont just rush it for Momma's own agenda.

I started reading "Twilight" last night - I was up till two - DUDE! Its a good book so far. I'm enjoying it. There was a yahoo story last night about how the last book might not be released now.... that kind bummed me out since I am starting the series now lol.... I hope she changes her mind.