Thursday, September 11, 2008


Okay so I finished this at 5 am - in tears most of the night from reading.... Im hesitant over the 4th book because of all the crud that has been said about it - lots of people not liking it... getting upset.... I started it today ... around noon - so Im not too far into it but it making me really wonder what is going on.... Ahhhh I do need sleep tonight though so I am going to try and make it an early evening.
Still very excited about this saga of books... they are enjoyable.... im looking forward to the movie - the more photos of I've seen of the set and the cast while they are in character is making me like the "edward" in the movie more and more.... he grows on you and then becomes part of my thoughts lol... bad bad bad bad.....

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The Nephew's said...

Jill - I'm almost done with Eclipse and hope to start Breaking Dawn this weekend. I've only heard good things about Breaking Dawn from a couple girls at work and from some friends who read it. They said that the 1st and last books were their favorites. Hmm - makes me more interested in finding out why so many opinions!