Sunday, September 7, 2008


Yes I've joined the bandwagon - and I'm hooked - I went to get book number two - and Walmart and Hastings were out - i will check the lil book store in the AM and then head to to get my copy here by tuesday... of course like a dork I read the first chapter at the end of Twilight and yeah i need to know what is going on immediately lol...
My friend Sarah is reading Twilight this week while she is in Denver -
So Edward is now my favorite non human person at the moment - I compare every male to him ... I've been teasing my husband... for example.
Lastnight I got hungry while finishing the book so I thought oh I have a little party pizza I'll go bake that... I preheat the oven... start smelling something and low and behold I had a fire in the oven... I didnt know if it was grease or not so I threw flour on it just incase. Now if my husband was more like Edward he would of been there as soon as the fire caught on.. he would of swooped me up placed me outside and stopped the fire... then probably have one of his siblings clean my oven... Instead my husband slept through the smoke... and wondered in his slumber what his wife was cooking downstairs.

Is it silly to be this wrapped up in a Young Adult book? Is it silly to be giddy about seeing the cast members on the MTV awards tonight?
Yes Yes Yes I know... very silly


The Nephew's said...

Its not silly at all. My friends and I are all addicted to the books. I read the first book last week and am almost finished with the second. I can't wait to see what happens through it all. SO SO GOOD!!!

Kendra said...

I'm glad you like them! My husband likes to tell me how I probably wish he was a vampire. :)