Saturday, September 13, 2008

Breaking Dawn

Okay so I'm finished with the saga. I must admit this.... I enjoyed this series tremendously. I've honestly never read something that made me bawl and laugh so much. I recommend these books, they are a fast read. I look forward to reading her Adult Novel to see if I enjoy her as much as I enjoyed this story line. I'm anxious for the movie to come out in November. I do know where I'll be that night =-)...
I'm thinking about reading them again they are that good.... My only complaint was in book 4 (this one) - I didn't like the change in the point of view... it threw me... (maybe I'm not smart enough) but it changed the story and to me it became very boring till things resumed.... thank goodness they resumed. I'm pleased with the ending, I think there could of been more "drama" at the end... but I'm at peace with the outcome.
So should I go a t-shirt and become a twilight groupie? Yes I know I'm already there minus the t-shirt. AHHHHH here's to some nights of sleep... My husband will be so pleased to know that the books are finished and he will have someone sleeping next to him each night until my next addiction (don't recommend any books just yet).


Susie said...

Hehe... I'm glad you made it through! The news said the books held most of their popularity in Utah -- so thanks for spreading the craze to good ol' Oklahoma! Have a good weekend!

Andrea said...

Girl, you sound obsessed! Your blog entries are cracking me up over here! I'm wondering how you are functioning taking care of two boys all day and up reading all night. I tell ya, I couldn't do it for sure.