Thursday, September 4, 2008

A touch of fall

Well Tuesday this week brought fall like weather, rainy and cold. I took the boys to the store with me Tuesday and as we were looking for church shoes, Braden spotted the cowboy boots. His friend Kasha Bear has a pair of red ones and Braden felt he needed "boy boots" - Wednesday he sat around in his diaper and boots all morning till dad got home and we needed to take him back to work (brant needs to work on the car and doesnt want me driving while it is kinda messed up) so I got the boys dressed.... They got their hair cut the other day too so as I was leaving for Church Wednesday night I asked brant to get some photos of the boys.... well one turned out okay =-)... All of the ones of Parker he had a DIRTY DIRTY face... so those arent going on the blog - I'm gonna try and get some more photos this weekend. Not sure what we are doing... I know we are going to Alva Oklahoma Friday, We should venture to the city to pick up the bunk beds.... we should clean out the play room and start laying the floor so I dont have to look at as many toys downstairs as there are...... there is always SOMETHING to do... I know what I want to do... SLEEP -
We've been working on potty training and I am just not sure he is ready yet... he show signs of it... but then obvious signs he isnt ready ---- I think we might try the whole NO TV NO NOTHING and just keep pouring water down him and taking him over and over to the potty - We've started a coin give for going number 1 and number 2 - he gets to put money in his piggy bank... he loves doing this but he thinks sitting on the toilet grunting is going potty (wonder where he learned that at) .... Oh well I'm stressing about it... I really want him out of diapers... but Im not going to fight it all day to just get frustrated and make both of us annoyed with the whole process... It will happen... I'm sure soon ... but we are going to take it semi slow so that we dont just rush it for Momma's own agenda.

I started reading "Twilight" last night - I was up till two - DUDE! Its a good book so far. I'm enjoying it. There was a yahoo story last night about how the last book might not be released now.... that kind bummed me out since I am starting the series now lol.... I hope she changes her mind.


Melanie said...

No wonder you need sleep - staying up until 2 reading! You guys are always so busy doing things, I'm impressed. Cute picture of your little cowboy! Good luck with potty training...not my favorite stage as a mom but it is so nice when it is done.

The Nephew's said...

Jill - I just started reading Twilight this week too! It is SOOOOOOOO good!!! I was pretty bummed to hear about Edward's story being put on hold too. Hopefully the author has a change of heart.

Garrison Family said...

Hey Julie! - yeah I was up till 2 am again... totally a cool book! Love how this lady writes.

Jen Scott said...

Jill! I bet you don't remember me, but hopefully you do. I lived in Ponca City when I was younger.
Jennifer (Sorensen) Scott here. :)
Your family is so cute. How is your brother and your parents? I would love to hear from you.

Katie said...

Braden is so cute on the horse. I am looking forward to seeing more pictures of Parker. It stinks that summer is over, but I am soo excited for fall.:)

The Smith's said...

Thats sure is a cute boy boot boy. HEhe Kasha weres hers all the time as you have seen. Maybe that is the answer to your potty training. LOL
see you when we get back!!
PS I love the cool weather