Monday, September 15, 2008

Fanasty and Reality...

Okay some have noticed and commented I wasnt all there this past week with my latest obsession of reading the Twilight Saga. I've landed back on earth and have resumed life. Contrary to some thoughts I did take some time to take photos the past week. Okay I took like three lol... not a typical week. But I took alot this past weekend so that should count for something.

Braden in his boots and his guitar rocking it out on his stage (bubba's excersauser) What a smile this boy has... girls watch out this one is a charmer that knows exactly how to get what he wants... Which leads me to the next photo. We have a group of friends from a diesel club we run. Saturday night we met to eat some good food and listen to a fellow members play some good music. It was a nice evening. A couple that was there has a two year old daughter (a week younger than Braden) that has alot of energy and thinks alot like a teenage lol...
This is her trying to get Braden to resume dancing with her. I might add that she stole his first kiss this past Saturday night and he then decided to test it out on his other friend Kasha as they left our house Sunday night. Kasha's daddy was not thrilled with this and I hear Kasha got a lecture. I'll be teaching Braden how to kiss a lady's hand. Got to keep his charm.

This is our friend Shawn - him and his gf Sheri moved to Oklahoma at the beginning of September, they are currently living in the garage apartment behind our home. Shawn loves RC toys, Brant Loves RC toys, Nick Loves RC Toys - well you get the picture... they've been alittle preoccupied with the trucks when the rain wasnt pouring to get Brant's and Nicks running. Sunday it was Sunny!!! So Brant, Shawn and another Nick went to the BMX track they put next to conoco this past spring and had some fun.
This is the toy. It keeps our kids and neighborhood kids entertained. Granted it brings out alittle more energy from the neighborhood kids then Brant appreciates.
After all the RC stuff was over. The Guys decided we were cooking. Shawn cooked some yummy bbq chicken on the grill. I cooked some herb potatoes and Sheri did some yummy green beans. It was a nice meal - oh and the boys got some sausages. Here they are at their lil table. (thanks again stockwells)
I told Brant to go get the particle board that he had and make us a table.... I guess he didnt hear me so he used a hood from a car that he was going to use to fix our maxima. Lovely huh? Hes a big dork - he wanted a photo of it too... so that shows how much more of a dork he can be some days.
Today myself, Sarah and Sheri decided to start walking. We had a nice walk. The boys came home and took a wonderfully long nap. Momma was so happy. I should of napped with them but I didn't. Too much to do, yet I didn't make it off the couch. I'm lazy!

During dinner I bribed Braden to finish all his food so he could have BUBBLES in his bath. He will do just about anything for his Bubbles. Both of the boys have so much fun during bath time. We got done picked up our toys (in our room) and then we said prayer. Tonight I thought I would try and get Braden to participate, I asked him what he was thankful for, not sure if he really understands "thankful" I tried to show him examples. I cut him off after he started naming all his toys one by one. I so love watching him learn things. Some things catch me off guard cause I don't expect or think of all the things he picks up on.

Parker is doing so well... he is a babbling dork, ornery, mean, loving, silly little boy. He entertains us so much. Braden loves him so much, feelings are mutual. They are so excited to see each other each morning or after naps. I love watching them hug and kiss it brightens my day.

So who is ready for Fall... I think I'm buying some mums this weekend.

As I end this post I wanted to share a quote from my addiction. I'm thinking about framing it. whatcha think?


The Smith's said...

FRAME IT DUH. HE need to become real to come visit us at night lol.

The Smith's said...

I have decided we need to leave our windows open to see if Edward shows up at our house LOL