Monday, November 15, 2010

November 2010

Here is Brants dad Gary, His Grandfather Gerald, Him (Brant) and Braden and Parker.
Brants Grandfather passed away last weekend. It was sudden and not expected. We traveled to Elk City for the funeral and to spend time with family. Gerald was an ex policeman and at his funeral the department honored his service with a 21 gun salute. The boys each got one of the spent bullet casings. They were so excited. Death is a hard concept for little ones and probably harder on me in explaining it then them listening to me.
We wish we would of gotten more time with Great Grandpa. We will see him again one day and get to spend eternity getting to know him better.

New Venture

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Wow have I been slacking! Here is me trying to catch up. So much going on!!!
Braden, Jill, Jace, Parker October 30th 2010
Parker with his Pumpkin
Braden with his Pumpkin

(my pasty sparkly vampire husband)
Jace as a Ghost

Braden as Iron Man --- Parker as Batman!!!
We are ready to go trick or treating!

Halloween was great. We love this time of year. Everything was great except Braden was not feeling well and didnt get to enjoy Halloween to its fullest!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Jace Noble Garrison : Official Announcement

Finally got it done! Yeah --- Took his photo tonight --- I laid him down to go yell at his brothers because they werent laying down for bed and was like Oh mercy that is precious! Amazing how things come about!

Friday, October 15, 2010


update: on the garrison family

Jace had his two week appointment this past Thursday. He is weighing 5 lbs 4 ozs and is 18 inches long (guess they got it wrong at the hospital on the length - but it is already wrote in the baby book) LOL
We get to go back in two weeks to see if he is gaining weight. I am pretty sure he is gaining cause he is eating more!
Braden the morning of my birthday (which was picture day)

Parker thinks he is top dog when he gets to hold Jace.

This was the friday that I got released from the hospital. At Grandma Bentleys!

Every morning is awesome when you wake up to that face!

Our first Sunday to go to Church!
Jace had his first bath this past week, he hated it, but he loved the one I gave him this morning, made sure the water was warmer LOL... and he wiggled around and coo'd.
Our family has been battling some stomach bug. We have been throwing up and fevering, we are praying it is out our system cause it was miserable! I think we are doing better now. At least I hope!!!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Jace 6 days old!

Well Mommy and Jace are back home. We came home from staying at Grandma and Grandpa Bentleys Friday and Saturday night. Sunday was our first night home. It went smoothly. I was rather shocked I didnt have two other boys trying to crawl into bed with us. Jace is sleeping pretty good for 3 hour blocks, which is pretty good for such a tiny baby.
This outfit he has on tonight is the only thing in my collection from two babies that was "newborn" size. Even newborn is too big for him. We need preemie size LOL. But what is the point in buying preemie when Jace is it for us. I think he is doing well, seems to be eating better, definitely is poopin' and peein' better then he was at the hospital. We had to take him back in for some Jaundice but they called late this evening and said that just continue doing what we are doing that it is decreasing and will be fine and to call them back if he turns more yellow. So onward to our 2 week "well baby visit".

I'm feeling bad about Parker right now. Him being the second child, I wasnt all to excited about certain things, and even though this is number three, I know it is/was my last so i want to cherish it.... what a crappie situation for Parker. I'm glad Parker is demanding and lol attention getting cause he will make sure I am paying attention to him enough.

I'm pretty lucky to have the three boys I have. Granted most days they seriously drive me insane. The 5 days I was without them around me I missed them terribly and when they were around and acting up I still missed it.

The sisters in our ward are so kind, we've had dinner made for us the past few nights and they are just all so considerate. The boys have loved their cooking. Again so blessed.

I'm feeling better, pain is still there, and I need to remember to take the darn pain pills before I have pain so that I'm not in a bad place by the time I get around to it. I'm in the mood to go shopping LOL which I'm sure isnt good but I think its a good sign of where I am in my recovery.
I'm working on Jace's announcement. Hoping to get a good photo of him tomorrow in the sunlight. He hates bright light and the flash just urks him off!

So anyhow. that what is happening with us. As soon as I have more exciting lol news I'll be sure to share.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

He is here! Early!!!!

Well this little guy decided he couldnt wait any longer. Went to the hospital today for my usual Tuesday appointment for Ultrasound and Non Stress test, and found out my Blood pressure was way to high and my body was just not handling things right. So around 12:30 I got word that I would be having a c-section before it became an emergency.
So today was the worse day that this could go on. Brant was in Bartlesville, Dad and mom were headed for a doctors appointment in Tulsa for the afternoon. So they had to come pick Parker and Braden up and take them with them cause no one else would of been able to pick them both up at that time.
Brant made it to the hospital around 5:10 which was just in time for my epidural, and then I was whisked away for the c-section.
Jace Noble Garrison was born at 6:05 and weighed a whopping 5 lbs 13 oz's and was 19 inches long. HE IS TINY.
He is doing okay, for being 35 weeks along, he is having alittle issue breathing, they have him under observation currently. :) I'm sure this strong little fella will work it all out.
Im doing great except I'm itchy and cant sleep even though I'm exhausted.
I'll probably be in the hospital till Friday, as you all can see I have access to the internet via a laptop and will keep everyone posted with information and photos.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Things yet to do...

Baby Jace will be making his appearance in 7 days! well actually less then that but close enough. Brant and I thought he was going to get a "shift" off to be with the baby and the boys during this transition and my recovery from the c-section but no, his employer feels One paid day off for the birth of your child is enough. He can take vacation time or unpaid leave but I told him not to worry about it. My parents are awesome, so I am gonna bunk with them for the first two weeks, since I cant drive for two weeks.
Wouldn't be the safest thing to have me at the house with; a newborn, a flight of stairs, a c-section, and a onrey active three year old. So Brant will go back to work on Saturday night, October 9th. Work till Tuesday morning and be back for a few days then be gone for like 7 days. So I'm sure my parents will enjoy the little break they will get. I am sure my mom and dad will be going crazy. The boys have so much energy. I hope I have the same response to my second c-section with this one, I felt pretty decent. I'm so hoping though with this two weeks with help that I'll be able to get my milk supply established which has always been an issue for me.

So still to do:
Get stuff ready for Braden. His first Picture Day is Oct 7th, which I'll still be in the hospital. So I need to make sure what I want him to wear is ready and instructions on how to do his hair lol (daddy doesnt seem to mess with his hair) . You know if I send him to school and his photos turn out goofy I'll blame his father for the rest of our lifes LOL.
I need to get alot of sleepers and onesies ready to be taken to gma's not to mention diapers (I think I can get this all sorted out the one day/night I think I'll be out before Brant has to go to work. )
I have his car seat and co-sleeper ready and a few blankets have been washed. Think I need to look for where I stashed all the other ones LOL.... Im such a good stasher. I got that from my mother.
Still need to go to storage and pull out some older clothes for Parker. So that is on Brants to do list.
Hmmmmmmmm doesnt appear I'll need to do much more. I'll have to accompany dad over twice a day to let the dogs out and check the mail.
I think I'm ready for this.... hope everyone else is LOL.....

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jace Noble Garrison

5lbs 7 oz - roughly 18 days left till we meet this chunky monkey.

I tell ya what this whole pregnancy has been a roller coaster for me. I'm very glad it is my last, I know in my heart there is no way I could physically do this again. This pregnancy has been a test of emotion, will power, and strength. Health wise I have never felt so ODD. I'm ready to be in control of my health again and stop this battle that I feel like I lose every time I show up at the dr's office.

Today was no exception. Never have I had issues with blood pressure (at least while pregnant) and low and behold it was slightly elevated this morning, which has now caused the specialist to order an extra ultra sound per week. So two non-stress and two ultrasounds and one OB visit. GRRRRRRR why dont I just go live at the hospital LOL. Nevermind it would drive me batty as much as I am looking forward to the 2-3 day break while I recoup from the c-section and tubal.

Oh well... October 5th at 7:30 am we will finally get to meet this little boy. Or not so little lol... He is slightly bigger then he needs to be weight wise but after a 10lb 6 oz lol at long as he is under 10 I could care less LOL.

Baby is healthy, doing his practice breathing, growing steady, seems to handle my onset of contractions so hopefully we will deliver without any hitches!

Friday, September 10, 2010

OU Football

Last weekend was the season opener for Oklahoma University, they won, not like they wanted but we at least won. The boys didnt watch much of the game but they showed their team spirit and amused momma for some photos!
Today on they had a challenge posted that the only rule was you had to start with a simple black background. Seemed simple enough but at the same time there are so many ways you can use BLACK. Oh well I knew I wanted to do something with this OU picture.

Jase Noble

I think we have finally picked Jase Noble. At least I hope it is final.
Jase is breech, which is just fine with me, last night was the first night in about a week and half I didnt wake up to pee every hour. So he can keep his chunky lil head up by my ribs. Now if I can get him to stop playing footsies with my hip bone I'll be good for the next three weeks.
I'm still holding out hope that MAYBE just MAYBE could come earlier then October 7th but I wont hold my breath.
Baby is weighing around 5lbs so in 4 weeks I'm gonna assume he will be around 9lbs. I'll be okay as long as they keep him under 10lbs. He is still doing well, growth, movement, doing what he is supposed to be doing. The ultrasound tech ( a girl i went to kindergarten to high school with) showed me his hair flowing in the back, guess we will be having another parker wayne that has lil baby ducky waves... how fun.

We were unable to get to my Specialist Thursday, a tire blew out on the highway and because of some lug nuts brant was unable to get the tire changed in enough time and they were not very nice about me being but 10 minutes late.... So I'm rescheduled for Thursday the 16th.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Update: Baby and the Boys

The boys all ready for the first OU game of 2010. I made some chili (thanks melanie we love your mom's chili's recipe) Watched a stressful OU game , you know lately OU manages to stress me out each game. OH well, a win is a win.

Went to Dr. Holmes this past week, blood sugar is starting to go wacky, had an odd ultrasound the Friday before where when my fluid was measured it was extremely high 25 cm to be exact. Which was up from 17 from my specialist. I have gained like 8 pounds in two weeks which to me seems like a long but I'm still at around a minus 10 for the entire pregnancy. So obviously something is happening lol. Anyways the extra fluid had me stressed, mostly because I remember how miserable I was with parker, I swelled up, he swelled up, just didnt want to deal with it again. Dr said he needs me to go three more weeks. I'm holding him to that... no.. well your doing so well lets wait till 38 weeks lol... But I know that he has me a week ahead of the specialist so I dont know what is gonna happen lol... SO, last week of September or First week of October. There is part of me that says wait till October, but the other part says NOW NOW NOW, the sooner the better.

I go to Dr. Holmes Tuesday, do a non stress test Tuesday, then I head to Tulsa on Thursday for my specialist to do a Non Stress and Ultrasound, then I guess I go back on friday for another one? LOL maybe I can skip friday, I will ask dr lol.... just is nice to set on my tush for the day ya know? LOL.....

I have alot that needs to get done this week, Brant is off for his 7 days which will be the last time before the baby is here, so I need him to ONE, finish some projects and two get me the baby clothes out of storage, and a few baby items. Might be helpful to have a car seat lol and the co-sleeper bed lol... the rest of the stuff can wait..... well crap i dont know what i have storage and what i have in the garage... That is priority number one for me this week.
I'll be back in touch later this week after I hear from the specialist. She wanted to see me this time and one more time before I delivered maybe she will change her mind! I can hope!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Some scrapbooking Pages

I've been a scrappin' fool.

This was a challenged issued on Saturday to only use red, blue and yellow

This was a challenge for Friday, doing a non-christmas layout with a christmas package.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Baby Update

Well, Wednesday we headed to the specialist. I still have not gained one pound which isnt bothering me one bit, my belly is definitely growing and baby is growing, so as long as it isnt taking away from my butt or my legs lol im okay with any fat loss.
Baby grew three weeks worth of growing in three weeks so that means the placenta is working still and they checked the pressure of the umbilical cord and it is good. Specialist will see me again in three weeks. Feels that I should be able to make it to 37-38 weeks so that is good.

Baby was very active, like he usually is. Which is a good thing.

So I'm back to being on rest but not like bed rest....

Braden is loving Pre-K, he is getting annoyed with some little boy in class that keeps getting in trouble for talking. Which cracks me up. He was so distraught over it yesterday he didnt want to go back to school today.
Had Brant take him to school this morning and he REFUSED to let Brant walk him into school. He said he could do it himself. Seriously he is 4 going on 10. Oh well I guess the reverse would be unbearable. He definitely has the traits of an Oldest sibling.

We stopped in Bartlesville lastnight on our way home, we were tickled to find a home that seemed from the outside to have everything we wanted, and a few bonuses. But low and behold the inside was ODD and would need work; potential yes... but some of the structural issues we have no idea what kind of can of worms that might be to fix and leaving them alone would annoy brant alot. So, even though it was almost there, still not there. We know the right place with the right stuff will come along one of these days, just hopefully before lol June.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

First Day of Pre-K

Braden woke up this morning and was so excited about going to Pre-K. I couldnt of been more pleased with how he behaved. Good attitude, silly attitude. He told me how proud he was of me lol for his lunch. (Which they didn't look for in his locker so he ate hot lunch - but is currently sitting at the table wanting to eat his lunch)

I think Parker was happy for his Brother. Such handsome lil boys I have.
Our car ride of course got interrupted by a policeman, daddy got a warning. Didnt slow down fast enough. DORK.
I was trying to get him to smile but silly faces is what I got. I kinda felt like this though.
He was so Happy.
He went right to a place and sat down to play with Play dough, no tears, no whimpers, barely got a hug and kiss out of the child, he was happy as punch.
How about that, my child that rarely will take a nap, laid down and took a short nap.

WOOOHOOO We all did it! One day of school down, how many to go?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Move In Night - at Woodlands


Braden starts Pre-K this Thursday. We met Mrs Lively tonight, I'm positive Braden will just love her. I'm so excited for him. I'm not sure how excited he is, he was alittle over whelmed, but I'm pretty sure he will LOVE it.