Monday, September 27, 2010

Things yet to do...

Baby Jace will be making his appearance in 7 days! well actually less then that but close enough. Brant and I thought he was going to get a "shift" off to be with the baby and the boys during this transition and my recovery from the c-section but no, his employer feels One paid day off for the birth of your child is enough. He can take vacation time or unpaid leave but I told him not to worry about it. My parents are awesome, so I am gonna bunk with them for the first two weeks, since I cant drive for two weeks.
Wouldn't be the safest thing to have me at the house with; a newborn, a flight of stairs, a c-section, and a onrey active three year old. So Brant will go back to work on Saturday night, October 9th. Work till Tuesday morning and be back for a few days then be gone for like 7 days. So I'm sure my parents will enjoy the little break they will get. I am sure my mom and dad will be going crazy. The boys have so much energy. I hope I have the same response to my second c-section with this one, I felt pretty decent. I'm so hoping though with this two weeks with help that I'll be able to get my milk supply established which has always been an issue for me.

So still to do:
Get stuff ready for Braden. His first Picture Day is Oct 7th, which I'll still be in the hospital. So I need to make sure what I want him to wear is ready and instructions on how to do his hair lol (daddy doesnt seem to mess with his hair) . You know if I send him to school and his photos turn out goofy I'll blame his father for the rest of our lifes LOL.
I need to get alot of sleepers and onesies ready to be taken to gma's not to mention diapers (I think I can get this all sorted out the one day/night I think I'll be out before Brant has to go to work. )
I have his car seat and co-sleeper ready and a few blankets have been washed. Think I need to look for where I stashed all the other ones LOL.... Im such a good stasher. I got that from my mother.
Still need to go to storage and pull out some older clothes for Parker. So that is on Brants to do list.
Hmmmmmmmm doesnt appear I'll need to do much more. I'll have to accompany dad over twice a day to let the dogs out and check the mail.
I think I'm ready for this.... hope everyone else is LOL.....

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Brian & Kyla said...

Golly! It's getting close. Hope everything goes well!