Friday, September 10, 2010

Jase Noble

I think we have finally picked Jase Noble. At least I hope it is final.
Jase is breech, which is just fine with me, last night was the first night in about a week and half I didnt wake up to pee every hour. So he can keep his chunky lil head up by my ribs. Now if I can get him to stop playing footsies with my hip bone I'll be good for the next three weeks.
I'm still holding out hope that MAYBE just MAYBE could come earlier then October 7th but I wont hold my breath.
Baby is weighing around 5lbs so in 4 weeks I'm gonna assume he will be around 9lbs. I'll be okay as long as they keep him under 10lbs. He is still doing well, growth, movement, doing what he is supposed to be doing. The ultrasound tech ( a girl i went to kindergarten to high school with) showed me his hair flowing in the back, guess we will be having another parker wayne that has lil baby ducky waves... how fun.

We were unable to get to my Specialist Thursday, a tire blew out on the highway and because of some lug nuts brant was unable to get the tire changed in enough time and they were not very nice about me being but 10 minutes late.... So I'm rescheduled for Thursday the 16th.

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