Saturday, September 4, 2010

Update: Baby and the Boys

The boys all ready for the first OU game of 2010. I made some chili (thanks melanie we love your mom's chili's recipe) Watched a stressful OU game , you know lately OU manages to stress me out each game. OH well, a win is a win.

Went to Dr. Holmes this past week, blood sugar is starting to go wacky, had an odd ultrasound the Friday before where when my fluid was measured it was extremely high 25 cm to be exact. Which was up from 17 from my specialist. I have gained like 8 pounds in two weeks which to me seems like a long but I'm still at around a minus 10 for the entire pregnancy. So obviously something is happening lol. Anyways the extra fluid had me stressed, mostly because I remember how miserable I was with parker, I swelled up, he swelled up, just didnt want to deal with it again. Dr said he needs me to go three more weeks. I'm holding him to that... no.. well your doing so well lets wait till 38 weeks lol... But I know that he has me a week ahead of the specialist so I dont know what is gonna happen lol... SO, last week of September or First week of October. There is part of me that says wait till October, but the other part says NOW NOW NOW, the sooner the better.

I go to Dr. Holmes Tuesday, do a non stress test Tuesday, then I head to Tulsa on Thursday for my specialist to do a Non Stress and Ultrasound, then I guess I go back on friday for another one? LOL maybe I can skip friday, I will ask dr lol.... just is nice to set on my tush for the day ya know? LOL.....

I have alot that needs to get done this week, Brant is off for his 7 days which will be the last time before the baby is here, so I need him to ONE, finish some projects and two get me the baby clothes out of storage, and a few baby items. Might be helpful to have a car seat lol and the co-sleeper bed lol... the rest of the stuff can wait..... well crap i dont know what i have storage and what i have in the garage... That is priority number one for me this week.
I'll be back in touch later this week after I hear from the specialist. She wanted to see me this time and one more time before I delivered maybe she will change her mind! I can hope!

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