Friday, October 30, 2009

Trunk or Treat

More photos to come!
Braden - Fireman Parker - Pirate

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Well it was a wonderful Indian Summer Fall day in Oklahoma. I'm not feeling too hot but thought it would be a good idea to get some Halloween/Fall photos up. So enjoy.

This was as good as it could get with these two. Its getting harder the older they get to get them both to obey.
These photos were taken a few weeks ago. Beginning of October. We are out at the Duck Ponds near Lake Ponca. Beautiful weather and beautiful surroundings. And crawling with caterpillars.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Random Coolness

Okay so after dinner yesterday , took a short drive.... and saw Ponca Lake so calm .... Note to self.... I wanna be this peaceful one day!
Went outside to watch the boys run a muck in the yard and i had a visitor!!!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Updates Galore: Warning LONG

Okay a nice trick I like to do when I'm feeling under the weather is; bathe, primp and take a few snapshots. Here is me today... feeling better than I have for several days.
The girls at church made YUMMY fruit pizza, if you want the recipe email me.

After the wedding weekend we stopped at "old chicago" in edmond and had a very YUMMY lunch/dinner. I recommend the kids pizza and I had steak and shrimp and a to die for baked potato oh andddddd steamed veggie medley HEAVEN. OH MY IT WAS GOOD.

Here are the boys and everyone during the "run" through rehearsal.
Braden got the Garter!!! Not sure what to do with it but I guess we can call him an Indian?
I'm not sure if it is that he is 3 almost 4 or if the music was just hoppin' but OH MY did my two boys BOOGIE lol.... comical!
Here is my handsome Braden --- gazing at the candles floating in the bowls at the table
Parker giving me a look of..... stop with the camera.
Caught Braden in a moment of cuteness.
OH my parker is adorable --- I love when he says Cheese for the Camera.
Would of been a great photo if Parker didnt have his "what you talkin' about willis face" on.

The wedding was beautiful and the reception was a blast. All attending had fun!

ANNOUNCING --- I got a new (to me) CAR!!!
I have loved the LS (Lincoln) since the moment they were made. I had test drove one about a year or two ago and loved the peppy v8. I got one!!!!

The car is a creamy tan color ..... plans are in the works for some chrome accents! I totally adore my new car.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Update - August.

Okay what possesses a child to draw on themselves like this? I just love that these two turkeys were in trouble but still wanted to say CHEESE.
Saturday while Brant was off for fun with his Brothers before Brocks big day this coming Saturday, my parents, myself and the boys went to Shilder Oklahoma to a car show. This was my favorite car there. I think it was mostly cause I hadnt seen a 70's mustang that caught my eye before. Love the Blue and Grey!

These are photos from the Swim Party the Primary had about a month ago. Yes that is basically all that attended. Our poor little ward is shrinking! The boys had fun. Adults had fun laughing at the kids! Good times.

What else is new.
We sold our truck. We had a sour deal go down with "friends" that caused a real bad taste in our mouth with the vehicle. So we sold it. It went very fast and now has a happy home on a farm in some farm town in oklahoma. It was a good truck, fun times.
I'm looking for a car and brant is looking for some goofy "tinkering -towing-make how i want" vehicle, what that will be is still left up in the air. So we are living with one car right now which is rather annoying. We placed a bid on a Sonata for myself, pretty car.... if we dont get it I have my eye on a few Lincoln LS's that are just so pretty and peppy.

So that is all that is going on here. I was informed tonight that I was lazy and needed a job, and a few other things, dont you love it when self righteous people interject themselves into your life. Dont you love it when they are that awesome they can judge your choices. Choices that were made in respect to your children and not your bank account? Amazes me what clicks off inside someone's head to judge someone else. I've concluded that miserable people need their own state. Cause miserable breeds miserable. What miserable people dont know is that some of us dont hinge our self worth on what others think of us.
I'll step down from my soap box now. Moral of this last paragraph Miserable people Stink!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What to do at almost midnight?

See the purple circle on Parker's head?....

So the Parker has been getting out of his crib for the past week and will go from room to room getting himself into trouble. Last night we turned off all the lights upstairs so that it might discourage him. He decided he would go into our room. Well he couldnt see the edge of the bed and went face first off the end. Landing on the hardwood floors. Brant ran upstairs and by the time he got there it was already swollen. So he was in a panic. Now being a mom of two boys that seem to always fall, always bang themselves up, I wasnt too worried. Which I think kinda ticked the husband off. He insist I call the ER and see if we needed to bring him in. I to appease him made the call. They were like "if you want too" bring him in... but he should be fine just monitor him. And monitor Brant did. I think the little boy went to bed around 1 am this morning.
This morning he was up and chipper with the sunrise and after breakfast and after braden insisting he needed to be a dinosaur I got them to let me take a photo.

Kids seriously are not too fragile lol... now the frame they just knocked off the end table that shattered into a million pieces....................... thats fragile.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Braden Update

I've been afraid to post this, in fear somehow we will regress, but I'm pretty sure we are potty trained! Now for Parker, which did number 2 and 1 on the potty today after church. I think we have 5 more diapers left for him and we are going to pull ups! Wish us luck maybe by 2010 this house will be DIAPER FREE.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Whats new with us!

Warning: All photos were taken with a camera phone ---- so sorry!
After getting back from vacation we headed out to an evening on the water. Sunsets are just so beautiful, but on the water they just become breath taking.
I LOVE to draw in the sand.
This week it has been --- PROJECT WEEK. First project at hand is the play room. On the back of the boy's room is a 10 x 7 (roughly) room -- used to be a screen porch we think. It has been enclosed like sunroom. We've used it as storage. With the intent to use it as a craft room or something. With the growing knowledge that my boys will literally break anything of value or worth in the living room, a play room was born. To let you know what has been destroyed this year alone; brand new laptop, flat screen lcd tv, three precious moments, two OU collectible vehicles and........ well probably more but these are the things that I can recall right now. I've already moved all toys to the upstairs hoping it will force them to play in their room. Nope hasn't worked. So now, we are hoping that with the play room they will have their own place.
Cars is the theme of course. Cause "Cars is my favorite movie in the whole world". Both boys are in heaven so far with the decoration.
Still left on the list to finish the room. Curtains; doing a valance with racing black and white checks with a red accent on the bottom. Floor; black and white check (still need to order one more box ran out today). Build one shelf unit for the tv, so the tv can be anchored down. Chalk board; the windows let in alot of light so I am going to take a thin piece of wood and insert them into each of the bottom panes of the windows and then paint them (actually before i put them in there ) with chalk board paint... then do some peel and stick Velcro and they can have fun scribbling and drawing things.

Braden dressed himself this day. Needless to say grandma was going to take them to the park, but when she saw him like this she decided they could stay home.

So that is what is happening over here. We have at least four more projects to complete this week. So there will be more updates. Now I will go and finish re-arranging the living room.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Did you know?

Has a new client - The Bag Lady here in Ponca City! I'm so excited to work for her, she has a wonderful shop! Has been a great friend for a long time! I'll post up some more information about her site and for you all to go and drool over her new items ASAP.

BTW - If you are needing something to put in a frame -- Ask me about scrapbooking your favorite quote, scripture, diddy, photo. Makes a simple statement!

Words of Wisdom - From Braden

So today has been a day. Something that has been brewing for 5 months has now taken its rightful seat as "being dealt with". In the process I wanted to share something that Braden said to me today.
I've been rather ticked off most of the morning, the boys have been entertaining themselves, albeit by making a horrible mess in the living room and feeding the dogs and themselves 11 donuts. They werent in my hair while I was gathering information, obviously.
I decided that they needed a nap so I went in to change Parker Wayne. In the process I shared my disgust that they had destroyed the living room like they did. And some of my anger from my other dealings were evident. Braden said "Im sorry for hurting your feelings mommy" I said, "Thank you Braden" he said "Thats what Jesus do" I said, "Thats exactly what Jesus would do" he said "I apologized" , I proceeded to pause for a moment and say "Braden it isnt you who I am mad with, Im sorry for being mean" --- He said "are you mad with Parker?" I said "No not even Parker" and didnt feel like slandering someones name in front of my child and left it at that.

There are days when I understand why I have children. There was a time when 1. I didnt think I could have them (and was basically told it would be incredibly hard to have them) and 2. Since having them wondering WHY?
Moments like today when you see people that have no sense of right and wrong, that have shown you nothing but slaps in the face for so long and all you want to do is stay in a poopie mood, its moments like today that you start to understand the miracle of children.
Why I was blessed with them. Why I might not do the best job. I am teaching my children the right principles. Even though I might not want to do everything I should I am trying to only allow them to associate with people that can uplift and strengthen them as wonderful little boys. They are so blessed to have examples of the right way to live. How even though people like to kick you, you can be as Jesus.
Granted there are days those lessons are not apparent in their choices in wrestling with each other or the act of not sharing those cool toys.
I am so grateful that my Heavenly Father sent me these children. They are so sweet, they teach me daily that, there is in fact a God, that his plan of Families is perfect.

Point of change --- I will be editing my blog soon --- moving things, deleting things, so things might look alittle different.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 6,7 and 8 Summer Vacation

So Day 6 Monday (July 6th) --- lazy day --- kids swam, I went to target, we all did dinner at Chili's --- I must say that a Jalapeno Bacon Cheese Burger is just the bomb! Anywho - we got back to the house and loaded the kids up and headed to Elk City to spend some time with Brad, Abby and Grandma Dot (lowery -- I have a grandma dot too -- but she is a wagner) We got to Brad's home around 1 am. The boys were cranky and miserable (SORRY BRAD). They got up of course at the first morning light and oh my they were not in any better mood! We went to the super market and got stuff for some sandwiches and headed to the local park -- Which I have to say is very nice --- lots of ponds --- TOO MANY ducks --- a play ground --- put put golf --- a train --- and carousel ---- a pool...... I think tennis and there might of been more.
This was the view while we ate lunch --- begger's I tell ya --- Braden kept telling the ducks... just a few more minutes (we informed him that he was not to feed the ducks but I guess he wanted to still give them hope)

Here is the nice brand new play ground they had. Parker Loved the slide.
So much he was very unsure about sharing it with some strange boy. Look at the expression lol.

Braden in total concentration. How might I know this? Check the TONGUE action.

Parker has issues with letting go LOL....
It was HOT ---

Parker has developed an obsession with bark on tree's --- not so sure why. We keep telling him it isnt a nice thing to do to the tree but it is one thing he just keeps doing to any tree!

Braden wasnt too happy --- he was in a time out for throwing the pebble rocks for like the 5th time.

Okay so we took the kids to Elk City Lake (or over grown pond jk) --- Parker loved the YUCKY foam stuff... gross.... seriously how does this form and what is it... wait i dont want to know!

Braden quickly found out western Oklahoma is not like northern Oklahoma or Central Oklahoma for that matter lol.... You must wear shoes when you walk around---- STICKERS!!!
This is P-wayne imitating his daddy and his uncle.
There were at of splash fights
Lots of Abby throwing
The boys --- doing a total Baywatch moment.

Day 7 --- we visited with Grandma Dot one more time and then headed home!!!

We had a great vacation. We have learned a few lessons this vacation. 4 days is about our max. We need a large vehicle with limo glass separation. So here is to next year when we dont overload ourselves.

OH wait --- cute things the boys said and did this vacation.
Western Oklahoma (RED DIRT) --- Braden says to me as we get out to go visit grandma dot -- its muddy here --- i look down and the red dirt doesnt look like our dry brown dirt --- so I had to explain that they have red dirt and we have brown dirt

Brock and Steffi taught Braden "DOWN TEXAS" with the hand sign -- he is pretty proud of himself.

Braden has this thing about everything costing 8 dollars, not sure what started it but it was expanded upon when now everything is from Home Depot.
Asked -- where did we get Parker.... from the home depot --- how much did he cost --- 8 dollars.

Braden is singing songs alot more... tonight he was singing Popcorn Poppin' on the Apricot tree to his nana as we stopped back by on our way home.... Somehow it was "you can make a popcorn treat --- it wasnt really good" blah blah .... I love it really it is soooo amusing! When we were driving home we sang several songs --- including that one and he told me how much he loves SHARING TIME.

Parker is repeating everything and putting together sentences! Growing up I tell ya.

Braden is almost potty trained --- He only had three accidents! Way to go SON!!! You just might actually be able to attend pre-k (granted he has another year but come on i'm tried of diapers) --- As soon as he is done the other one will start cause I think he is ready!

Trying to think of anything else to share...... OH one naughty one that I swear my boys are just full of information I dont want to know and maybe I shouldnt ask.
Braden has been keeping his hand down his pants... I always assume it is cause he needs to pee so I always ask.... Do you need to pee? He will say no ... I will say get your hands out of your pants... and usually he will and then shortly there after put it back.... sooooo he is in the bathroom with me it was my turn on the potty and he was again playing with his "stuff" and I said Braden please get your hand out of your pants, he looked at me blankly like --- what nerve you have mom, I said why do you play with your pee pee--- he tells me he likes it... I said well we dont play with it and he then informs me "its like my truck mommy its a toy" --- I quickly snapped at him --- that it was not a toy!!!! Seriously do I need my husband to have a talk with him already about the birds and the bees??? Goodness me!