Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What to do at almost midnight?

See the purple circle on Parker's head?....

So the Parker has been getting out of his crib for the past week and will go from room to room getting himself into trouble. Last night we turned off all the lights upstairs so that it might discourage him. He decided he would go into our room. Well he couldnt see the edge of the bed and went face first off the end. Landing on the hardwood floors. Brant ran upstairs and by the time he got there it was already swollen. So he was in a panic. Now being a mom of two boys that seem to always fall, always bang themselves up, I wasnt too worried. Which I think kinda ticked the husband off. He insist I call the ER and see if we needed to bring him in. I to appease him made the call. They were like "if you want too" bring him in... but he should be fine just monitor him. And monitor Brant did. I think the little boy went to bed around 1 am this morning.
This morning he was up and chipper with the sunrise and after breakfast and after braden insisting he needed to be a dinosaur I got them to let me take a photo.

Kids seriously are not too fragile lol... now the frame they just knocked off the end table that shattered into a million pieces....................... thats fragile.

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