Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Parker's 18 Month Check Up

So we ventured to the doctors Monday. Parker is 19 months old. He is 32 inches high and 27 lbs. We are healthy healthy, but are having issues with some allergies. We will be trying some benadryl each night to see if that helps him.
Parker has started repeating alot of things. He is a very good little parrot. He will say "I want that" or " I want more" which is more than Braden ever said even at 2. It is interesting watching these two grow and how different they are.
Doctor noticed he must be an active boy by all the bruises and cuts... and we have bigger brother to blame for the most of them. There is alot of wrestling and rough housing in the Garrison home and Braden has started his biting crap when he gets frustrated. LOVELY.

Oh Braden had his First scripture Sunday! He did a pretty good job. It was pretty darn cool!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Slacker Town

Yes I'm a Slacker - we have been real busy, with what, other than messes, I dont know. But I am thankful that the Holidays are over and that life has almost returned back to normal.
Here is alittle over view of the past lets say.... 30 days... (i think that covers all the photos)
The Boys: Christmas eve my Uncle Spike decided that the lovely green and red cupcakes that they had brought to the party deserved a home at my house. Insisting to him that we did not need them somehow they made it home with me... Now I hope Uncle Spike understands why we didnt need them, it wasnt really the sugar intake... it was the potential for DISASTER.

One afternoon after we noticed braden had been absent and quiet (dangerous combo) we found him like this. Im not sure purple is his color. I think mom wears it much better.
Brant snapped this photo after a very long day. This was after the sugar incident (which you will read about later in this post).
Sugar Incident: January 19th
I've been working on a website the past few weeks. It has been consuming alot of attention mostly cause I'm stumped. The quality of art Im working with is ticking me off and I think I have been zoned out alot lately. The office is against the laundry room and kitchen. I could hear noises but I was unsure what they were... It kinda sounded like a rustling of papers, but there arent papers in the kitchen, and this sound had been entertaining them for a while.
I walked and found this.
Did you know that 4 lbs of sugar makes for great SNOW. Yes the boys were doubling fisting handfuls and then tossing them over their head.

I will be cleaning sugar for a year probably. It went everywhere, on top of cans, in boxes.... OH MY how I love my boys.

Our House: Progress
We've been working on the house! The outside for the very first time is all painted. All trim work is done. Apartment is all one color. The house is all one color. The only thing left is the front porch and we will do that this spring when we do some landscaping.
For Christmas my parents wanted to do Curtains for the house. Mostly cause they knew we were hosting and were probably mortified that we've never settled on a curtain for any room.
Plus we did some painting.
I just realized while writing this that it would be helpful to see a photo of 1. the house and 2 each of the windows that we covered. I will do that this afternoon when Im sure I will need fresh air to SCREAM. So hold me to a photo or two of a painted house and some homemade curtains my mom made.
Here is the dinning room. We painted it a stormy blue. Probably one of my favorite of our choices through out the house. Love the mood it sets. Love it in the sunlight and the darkness of evening. Love just turning this little lamp on at night and seeing the color. We are doing the room in this blue and accenting with White and Red. I've got some Frames to put up and we are looking at making a little corner art studio for the boys stuff. We will see.

Of course this was before Christmas. Brant and I have had issues with curtains. 1. We never can agree. My style is different that his, not that I cant appreciate it or even like it. Its more of a stickler to well I've already done this in the room that wouldn't go with that... so.... I went with what I liked and what my parents liked too and I think it is just awesome. The mood change in the room with curtains, AMAZING. The room is so warm. I love the sunlight through the curtains, it has a nice warm amber color to it.
I'll go through today after nap time and after the cushions to the couch are done in the drier - yesterday the boys found Hershey kisses and proceeded to devour them and in the midst smeared chocolate all over the denim couch.
Another view.
Our family is going through alot right now. Lots of changes, lots of possible changes, two kids that really seem to take up an entire weeks worth of time in a matter of 12 hours. So I apologize, I've been at the computer daily but for some reason really havent known what to share. Strange huh.
We do hope everyone is having a great month of January. We hope our month ends better than it started. Actually I hope that for everyone!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Eve

So last night was a good night to end the year! Wow I've been blogging for alittle over a year. How cool, there are moments (like recently) where I just don't get on enough to do a post but moments like last night make me want to share share and share.
I was getting ready to go to our Youth's - Brand New Year party and until there is light in the spare room where my vanity is to go I put my makeup on downstairs near the computer lol - silly i know. Anyways after I got done the boys were in the office and thought... lets take a photo.
They love playing with the web cams. so here is the product of last night.
Parker loves to stick his tongue out and be foolish. I thought we could join in on the fun.
The one body part he will always answer (usually by honking someone Else's nose) is his nose....

I'm getting alittle flustered at this point cause they will not look at the right camera and wont stop wiggling on my sunburn (fake tanning bed burn).

This is about as good as it gets! And I must say I was pleased to see us three together and smiling and having a good time.

Growing up my parents would either have my grandparents or my godparents over to play Rook. Rook is similar to Hearts, kinda the same concept with the betting and the trump... but not done with face cards... Plus there is a mysterious Rook (a bird - crow looking thing) that is worth the most out of points - it is coveted always.
Anyways we've not played cards with my parents in a long time. So we asked if they would play with us on new years eve. They obliged. Brant knows my dad is a very good card player - he is a card counter and knows strategy very well... so instead of couples we did men/women. Which made Brant happy so that he could be with my dad.
First game as you can see they whooped mom and I... there were many exchanges between my father and mother and sly trickery on my dads part to get her to play cards thinking one way..... the phrase "tonight is going to be cold" kept being said lol....
Anywho.... As you can see the women came back on a BIG come back and whooped some rear for the next two games.... I must say mom did rub it in their faces often... we were both giddy that we had beat them as badly as we did... I took the score sheet up and am thinking about framing it.... it is on the Internet now for all the world to see just how good my mom and I at Rook.... got any takers for next game?

Happy New Year

Enjoy. Photos to follow.