Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Parker's 18 Month Check Up

So we ventured to the doctors Monday. Parker is 19 months old. He is 32 inches high and 27 lbs. We are healthy healthy, but are having issues with some allergies. We will be trying some benadryl each night to see if that helps him.
Parker has started repeating alot of things. He is a very good little parrot. He will say "I want that" or " I want more" which is more than Braden ever said even at 2. It is interesting watching these two grow and how different they are.
Doctor noticed he must be an active boy by all the bruises and cuts... and we have bigger brother to blame for the most of them. There is alot of wrestling and rough housing in the Garrison home and Braden has started his biting crap when he gets frustrated. LOVELY.

Oh Braden had his First scripture Sunday! He did a pretty good job. It was pretty darn cool!


Katie said...

He is so cute. I cant believe he is 18 months.Wow!

Sarah said...

He is beyond darling.