Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Being a Girl

Okay so for those that know me, this will not be a shocker, for those that dont something new you will learn about me today. There are few things I obsess over 1. Shoes 2. Purses 3. Intimates 4. Nails So when thinking about what to blog about, I thought why not do something about me. Plus include a new photo of me.
So I've been having fun with polish lately. Above, Black, below, Purple. Have to be two of my favorite colors for toes right now. And the shoes arent too bad either! Oh and can you tell from the black to purple the tanning? Did you know that I love to tan? I love warmth and these winter months get to me!

Here is a new photo of me. I so dislike digital cameras and the fact that you can see every darn line on my face not to mention age spots, blemishes, and everything else I love to cover up!

ARENT THESE SHOES ADORABLE. Please if your in Ponca City, stop by the Bag Lady shop, on 7th near the High School. Kylie runs this shop and has the most adorable shoes and purses and clothes! Not to mention if you have little ones.... cute cute cute lil people clothes!

So we had a slumber party about a month ago with the Young Women and one of the hit colors was this blue that Madyson had, I took special note and had to run out and add blue to my collection. Then during the super bowl I was reading in Glamour and saw these cute lil art pens to do stuff on your nails. I've been having fun check out the hands and toes!

I've kinda decided that there is probably a reason why i dont have girls of my own. I'm alittle wrapped up in myself all the fun it is to be a girl that this house would puke girl if there was another one here.
Life has been good, we are still waiting till Monday and Tuesday to find out the "move" information. Brant has set a date to be baptised, New Beginnings is over and went well, I've had 11000 plus downloads on my Young Womens site, things are just becoming more and more busy and rewarding.
Yesterday I finally started one of my resolutions for 2009 - a Gratitude Journal. I think it will help me, understanding all the gifts you have in your life always reminds you things aren't so bad.


Sheri said...

Those red shoes are really cute! Tell me more about the nail pens like where can you get them?!? Looks really good! I am glad that things are going well for you guys, good for Brant for setting a date!!
So was it your or Brant or both that I saw driving out towards Kaw Lake on Monday??? I was on my way out there to check out a house...looks like we are moving yet again...go figure. Hopefully this is the last time for quite awhile!!

Brant said...

What?!?! Not gonna tell them I helped with the fingernail art?!?! ;) Looking beautiful as ever babe!

Sarah Smith said...

I love the shoes and the toes!!! Fun Fun! Congrats To the both of you And mostly to Brant!! I love doing the girl stuff but don't have much time. Need to make time i guess!! Good job Brant with the nail polish or art paint HAHA