Tuesday, February 24, 2009


7 Years - 02-20-2002 - Brant sent me these lavendar roses fom Vera Wang on Friday - not sure I've seen lavendar roses before. They sure are pretty, beautiful infact.
This is a photo of the boys a few sundays ago. Arent they just the cutest thing on two feet?
So I have a crap ton to update people on, but, Im just not in a good mood! So I'll be quick. Brans position with Conoco will not be moved till 2010 or 2011 so we will be Ponca for the time being. So life goes on.


Andrea said...

Glad you all are staying in Ponca for now. I've been wondering about you. Cute picture of the boys. Happy Anniversary.

Crystal Foy said...

Happy Anniversary, those flowers are gorgeous! And oh my cute...You're boys are so handsome and getting so big! Glad you guys are staying in Ponca for now too. Are you getting moved to Bartlesville in a couple years?