Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Alittle more information - Im Spoiled

Okay forgot to tell you all that I got matching ear rings to my New Years gift (open heart necklace) for our anniversary. Arent they lovely!
Another shot of these beautiful flowers

Here is the New Yeas gift. I wear it almost every day!

So Valentines morning I walked downstairs to put my contacts in. When low and behold Braden had switched the solution for Coke. Needless to say that was my last pair and they have destroyed my old glasses so they dont really sit well on my head. So Brant decided it was time for a new set of glasses. Whatcha think? Dont I look smart LOL. You might be thinking they are black. Nope they are a deep plum purple. I love them. Enough I havent even ordered my contacts LOL. But dont fret summer is coming and my rear will not be wearing glasses much during the summer!
For those that were wondering, it does appear in 2010 or 2011 we will be moved to Bartlesville. Which we is better than Houston, if there has to be a better. But they said its 97% sure Bartlesville but with Conoco Phillips you just never know.
Thanks for all the prayers of comfort everyone has provided. These past 4 months have been rather difficult. But I'm beginning to see the clouds start to part and there are sweet sunshine rays visible!


Sarah Smith said...

Love new glasses I was going to say something Saturday but didn't sorry! and i am so jealous of both now earings and necklace!

Katie said...

I love the new accessories. Totally cute and very sweet of Brant. :)

FiestyShamrock said...

Hmmm I am liking the new jewels!! Glasses are cute! What is this rumor I hear about your new hobby of stair diving??

Almostgreat said...

Fret no longer!! Moving to Bartlesville will be the most amazing blessing of your life!! Yes, moving is no fun, BUT I LOVE AND SEVERELY MISS B-VILLE!! And you will come to love it too! I recommend looking for a house south of downtown. The houses are old, some in need of love, but some areas have been restored nicely! But work and the library will be within walking distance and during the summer they do outdoor movies downtown.... oh I miss it so much!! FYI we used to live in a cute little 100 year old house at 13th and Osage! MISS IT!! LUCKY!