Friday, July 17, 2009

Words of Wisdom - From Braden

So today has been a day. Something that has been brewing for 5 months has now taken its rightful seat as "being dealt with". In the process I wanted to share something that Braden said to me today.
I've been rather ticked off most of the morning, the boys have been entertaining themselves, albeit by making a horrible mess in the living room and feeding the dogs and themselves 11 donuts. They werent in my hair while I was gathering information, obviously.
I decided that they needed a nap so I went in to change Parker Wayne. In the process I shared my disgust that they had destroyed the living room like they did. And some of my anger from my other dealings were evident. Braden said "Im sorry for hurting your feelings mommy" I said, "Thank you Braden" he said "Thats what Jesus do" I said, "Thats exactly what Jesus would do" he said "I apologized" , I proceeded to pause for a moment and say "Braden it isnt you who I am mad with, Im sorry for being mean" --- He said "are you mad with Parker?" I said "No not even Parker" and didnt feel like slandering someones name in front of my child and left it at that.

There are days when I understand why I have children. There was a time when 1. I didnt think I could have them (and was basically told it would be incredibly hard to have them) and 2. Since having them wondering WHY?
Moments like today when you see people that have no sense of right and wrong, that have shown you nothing but slaps in the face for so long and all you want to do is stay in a poopie mood, its moments like today that you start to understand the miracle of children.
Why I was blessed with them. Why I might not do the best job. I am teaching my children the right principles. Even though I might not want to do everything I should I am trying to only allow them to associate with people that can uplift and strengthen them as wonderful little boys. They are so blessed to have examples of the right way to live. How even though people like to kick you, you can be as Jesus.
Granted there are days those lessons are not apparent in their choices in wrestling with each other or the act of not sharing those cool toys.
I am so grateful that my Heavenly Father sent me these children. They are so sweet, they teach me daily that, there is in fact a God, that his plan of Families is perfect.

Point of change --- I will be editing my blog soon --- moving things, deleting things, so things might look alittle different.


Melanie said...

I'm sorry you've had a crummy day (or five months!). I'm glad your kids are giving you good perspective. And give yourself more credit - you ARE a great mom.

I hope everything is ok. Your post has me worried!

Garrison Family said...

ahhh "this too will pass"... I just find it so disheartening when you watch people just be ugly, and feel they are justified and correct.

right now its about principles, some have them, some dont.

either way I can be glad I have the choice to associate with them or not.

I'll email you the rest. I guess there are reason why people go private.