Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 5 Summer Vacation

Sunday (July 5th) We made it back to Oklahoma City to Papa and Nana G's to celebrate Brad's completion of his Devry Program (WAY TO GO BRAD). Brad brought his step daughter Abby with him. Talk about a tall girl!

Abby is in the pink suit --- she will be 9 I believe next week --- she did this jump into the pool all night and I truly believe she could almost jump the whole width of the pool if she wanted too!
Parker wasnt in the mood to be in the pool the whole time --- specially without his daddy --- but he enjoyed throwing the balls in the pool and flirting with steffi!

Brant and his youngest brother Brock found it amusing to splash as much water as possible. Probably to irritate their mother (some things never change huh)...

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