Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 3 Summer Vacation

Friday (July 3rd) probably one of my favorite days on vacation. We got up and did breakfast, I made Biscuits and sausage gravy and it turned out yummy! Then we loaded up and were out on the lake early. We found a nice little beach on the less windy side of the lake. The kids and BIG KIDS had fun digging holes and flooding them with dirty lake water.

This is my mother in law Karen.
Father in law Gary (setting up horse shoes)
Brant starting the hole!

Brant throwing a horse shoe --- This was my view for like 2 hours --- Gary, Brock, Brant and Steffi played horse shoes. I worked on my tan, and relaxed.
Parker was OUT --- I had been sitting where that white square was and eased myself out of the seat and propped his head so to think that i was still there. Didnt phase him one bit.
We all headed back to the trailer, This is brant and his baby chicken hair
Isnt this the dream location!!!
after we napped we went to Uncle Feltons and Aunt Karens lake place and had yummy brisket and a wonderful Asian salad (which reminds me i need the recipe) Then as we were headed back to Karen and Gary's trailer the fireworks went off so we headed back to the water to view them. My camera was not charged so these fireworks photos are from my cell phone.
We pulled over and put the lawn chairs in the back of the truck and enjoyed a great show. Braden loved them. Parker doesn't like fireworks. Which is so odd. He covers his eyes yet kinda peaks out to see them.... not sure what is up with the child. There is always next year!

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