Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 4 Summer Vacation

JULY 4th - We had all decided we wanted to watch the fireworks on the water this year so decided that the deck project was most important for the day. So the guys started on it after breakfast. The boys found it alot of fun to play in the sand/dirt under the deck. They played for HOURS under there.

Parker most of all enjoyed the dirt. We caught him several times pouring the dirt on his sweaty little head!
Brant and his buddy -- daddy long leg's --- this spider walked up his chest and up his face and onto his head, i cant remember what was going on but he couldnt react to it cause he had to hold something or something like that lol... His father was rather impressed.
P-wayne drinking a pop like a big boy.
Picture from the front of the trailer, beautiful Great Myrtles and there is a very pretty rose of sharon just down from there....
This is what P-wizzle (brants new name for him) does when there are fireworks.
Brant and Braden --- this is about as good as it gets with braden. He likes to watch but doesnt really enjoy the flame.
Parker being a nut --- oh to be flexible again...

Now on a side note about the fireworks. Uncle Brock and soon to be Aunt Steffi did get the boys some SNAPS. Which at first Parker wanted nothing to do with. Then he found out he could stomp on them and he just loved that --- he loves bubble wrap (like who doesnt?) anyways... He did throw a few and snap em so that was great. (dont tell the kids but i think we have like 6 boxes still)

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