Thursday, August 19, 2010

Baby Update

Well, Wednesday we headed to the specialist. I still have not gained one pound which isnt bothering me one bit, my belly is definitely growing and baby is growing, so as long as it isnt taking away from my butt or my legs lol im okay with any fat loss.
Baby grew three weeks worth of growing in three weeks so that means the placenta is working still and they checked the pressure of the umbilical cord and it is good. Specialist will see me again in three weeks. Feels that I should be able to make it to 37-38 weeks so that is good.

Baby was very active, like he usually is. Which is a good thing.

So I'm back to being on rest but not like bed rest....

Braden is loving Pre-K, he is getting annoyed with some little boy in class that keeps getting in trouble for talking. Which cracks me up. He was so distraught over it yesterday he didnt want to go back to school today.
Had Brant take him to school this morning and he REFUSED to let Brant walk him into school. He said he could do it himself. Seriously he is 4 going on 10. Oh well I guess the reverse would be unbearable. He definitely has the traits of an Oldest sibling.

We stopped in Bartlesville lastnight on our way home, we were tickled to find a home that seemed from the outside to have everything we wanted, and a few bonuses. But low and behold the inside was ODD and would need work; potential yes... but some of the structural issues we have no idea what kind of can of worms that might be to fix and leaving them alone would annoy brant alot. So, even though it was almost there, still not there. We know the right place with the right stuff will come along one of these days, just hopefully before lol June.

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