Thursday, January 24, 2008

Just another day..

(Parker and Braden laughing at Daddy - Braden had been drinking some kool aide - wow talk about staining)
Just another day at the Garrison home - Brant finished the primer and got the two room ceilings done today - Braden followed him upstairs and proceeded to roll around on the dusty white floors - he was pretty much covered - head to toes... with some paint sprinkled on him - i dont even want to know how that happened.

(This is the face parker makes all the time - not sure what it really means)

Parker is growing up so fast - I was looking at the photos a minute ago and he looks alot older than 7 months! Braden is starting to really form sentences - i've seen an explosion of vocab - alot of it is hard to pick up on - other times he will say it clear as day -
Today he was being sassy - he seems to do this real well - He had came downstairs for me to fill his WOOODDIEEEE cup up so I did and sent him back up the stairs with his father - I hear brant laughing - he came down stairs to tell me his story -
He asked Braden if he got himself a drink - braden rattled something off in his own language that is rather comical - brant said I didnt understand that - then braden proceeded to say "I said YES" in a very sassy - i cant believe you didnt understand me tone - brant proceeded to repeat it and he said YES - like COME ON DAD get it together.

(Parker amused by daddy - i couldnt get him to look at me for anything)

It has been amusing to see him use his voice - he is rather comical without words so words have been extra entertainment for us -

Parker is creeping - he cant figure out how to get up on his knees but that doesnt seem to hamper him at the moment - he doesnt go to far - and doesnt enjoy being on his tummy after a while but he is trying...
I let him stand up against the foot stool last night - he did pretty good - he likes to get on his tip toes.... cant seem to flatten those feet - oh well - I wouldnt mind the child walking early - cause he is rather heavy to carry around - but then again - not to take anything away from braden as a baby - but parker is so fun to have around - the warmth of his smile and of course the attention that he loves to get from his mommy is just addicting to me.
(this was as close as I got, paker glaced at me)
I read these before I had parker - i thought i would share them with ya all -

Braden is a Scorpio
The Scorpio Personality
Your child the "scorpion" likes to live in a world of truths. A Scorpio child likes to visualize the completion and realization of his mental and physical efforts. He or she has an inner vision of the soul that can see beyond illusion. Scorpios tend to be secretive, and others must earn their trust. Scorpio children are noted for their effervescent humor and their attractiveness; these children are the most magnetic of all the children of the zodiac, often attracting the admiration of the opposite sex. They are quick and restless and tireless workers.
Because of their great energy and force, Scorpios should be taught the difference between constructive and destructive power.(we are working on this as we speak) They should be taught self-mastery and be given careful direction so their tremendous energy and drive is channeled into creative activity. These children should also be taught early in life that as they show understanding, so will understanding and compassion be shown to them.
The Scorpio child is talented in promotion activities, writing, designing, modeling, and acting.
Parker is a Cancer
The Cancer Personality
If your child is born in Cancer (also known as Moon Child), he or she has a sentimental and versatile nature and a constructive imagination. Cancer is sympathetic and talkative, loves home and family, and has a tenacious memory-especially for details and historical events. The Cancer child appreciates praise and is encouraged by kindness. This child will delight in beautiful scenery, romantic settings, and new adventures.
Cancer children appear retiring but are positive, tenacious, and love to be noticed while appearing to be unassuming. They are not averse to fame, even though they can sometimes be shy. Your Cancer child will be fond of older persons, ancient customs, and things connected with the past that have sentimental value. The Cancer child often has a bright, alert face.
These imaginative, impressionable children make many changes in their lives until they find the position or occupation where they feel self-assured, well integrated, and appreciated. Their greatest attribute is the love of their home. They can turn anything into a beautiful environment. They love to travel and are particularly found of the sea.
Cancers are most compatible with Pisces and Scorpio.
(I took this earlier in the day - after we had some sweet potatoes - he looks so old in this photo - he had a good time today playing on the floor with his toys - he can entertain himself for about an hour - as long as i am in the room - if he see's my back going out of the room then he lets it rip! )

I'm sure i could read another horoscope and find things that are spot on but in reading these i both thought BINGO my kids - it amazes me daily - two kids - two different personalities.

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