Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Our Weekend...

As many know I'm pretty politically active, Friday night John Edwards, who I've supported since 2002 was in OKC. We traveled down to be apart of this rally. It was packed! Overflow stood outside. He gave a great speech, really inspired alot of first timers there around us. It always feels good to be apart of things like this.

Saturday we went to Tulsa (yes we were all over the state) to celebrate a Friends birthday. He had a big brush pile from the ice storm they were hit with a month prior. It was freakin' cold outside. Myself and another girl huddled by the gas heater in the shop, and then kept getting closer and closer to the fire.
Here is a snap of the bonfire!

I think I had Parker alittle too close to fire - this sure looks like a sunburn - i dont think he minded since it was so blooming cold! We came home and put some EDAP on it and all is well.

We had a good weekend - got to see family in OKC, John Edwards, and then Friends in Sandsprings. What else could ya ask for?
I know I could ask for WARM WEATHER - weather man says we will be in the 50's saturday - I can say this much - it cant come fast enough.

Hope everyone is well and warm!

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