Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter 2008

I hope everyone had a beautiful Easter. We had one. Braden and Parker woke up around 8 and found that the Easter Bunny had left them some goodies. They were good enough to keep them entertained while Mommy got ready for church. We spent the majority of the afternoon with Grandma and Grandpa Bentley, the Easter Bunny had left more stuff for them there!
Here are some photos of the boys playing with the Little People stuff they got over at Grandma and Grandpa Bentleys.

Today was even rather pretty, alittle brisk, but it was so pretty! We are all feeling better in the house, our tummy's are still alittle upset but I think we are on the downhill road.

I thought the boys looked rather handsome in their matchy matchy outfits. Braden is looking more and more like a little adult. I took this photo just before church. He insisted on taking his Easter card that he got from Nana and Papa Garrison. Doesnt he just make you melt.

I dont usually share my faith with people but I do feel as this Easter day closes I want each of those that take the time to read my blog/email that I am so THANKFUL for the sacrifice my Savior Jesus Christ made as he gave his life for me. I am very grateful for the many blessings that I have; my adorable, healthy kids, my marriage to a wonderful man, the chance to stay home with my boys as they grow up. I am so thankful for my church calling, I love getting to interact with the Young Women, they are wonderful examples to me, their faith and conviction to follow the Lords path motivates me to keep pushing along, trying to overcome those things that I need to work on. I'm so grateful that I have the ability to repent and keep trying.
Thank you to all of you, each of you touch and strengthen my life in many ways, most ways you're probably not even aware of.


Melanie said...

Your boys are SO cute - the matching otufits are adorable! And we have the same Little People airplane and my boys love it. Your testimony was touching - thanks for sharing.

Crystal Foy said...

You make me cry Jill, haha Thanks for sharing your faith. You were an amazing example to me when I was in Young Women's. I definitely had the best times when you were there! And your boys are extremely adorable in their "matchy matchy" outfits! And yes Braden melts hearts, he's a cutie :)

Kendra said...

So cute! I really need to learn how to digital scrapbook! Maybe you could teach me next time I come to Ponca! :)